having a couple of months of from ttc

Hi all,

weve decided to have a couple of months off from ttc, weve been trying for a while and im getting more and more upset every time af gets me because getting preg has become a bit of an obsession. We have one happy healthy 4yo ( who i fell preg with first month of trying) so im already blessed, but i would really like a sibling for him and am getting stressed that its never going to happen.
Another reason is that our sons birthday is right by xmas and another nov-jan baby wouldn't be ideal financially for us, so weve booked a little holiday and are just going to chill and relax and then think about it again in a few months.

Just wanted to say good luck everybody, hope there are lots of BFP's all round, including me when i come back xx


  • Good luck doughball, hope the break does you good. It definitely can become a bit all consuming so having a holiday and taking a rest from it will do you the world of good I'm sure. Enjoy your time off and I'm sure that bfp will come along soon : )
  • Hi hun, sorry to hear you are feeling like this I totally know how you feel but weve only just started trying however I have been baby mad for 2 years now and trying for 2 months.

    I am gutted as I thought we had done it this month and no BFP and af no show so I think I am going to go to the docs soon.

    I have lost all pma and had faint positives last week so I dont know what to think.

    I wish you the best for the future hun and try to stay postive as hard as it may be and take pleasure in doing things with your 4 year old.

    Some people do say if you take your mind off trying it happens straight away, good luck hun xx
  • Hi Doughball.... I have just done the same thing. Know exactly what you mean about the constant upset at the BFNs. It was really getting to me so we have had a break for the last 3 months and I must say that it has done me the world of good emotionally. Sometimes you just need to give yourself some TLC i think!! Have a nice relaxing couple of months and you'll be back fighting in no time!! xx
  • aw honey- i hope you come back with either a bfp (remember to come back and tell us) or with loads of PMA feeling relaxed and renewed!

    x x x
  • aww hun, hope the break does you good. come back ready to go again.xxx
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