No time right time, or is there?

Hi all,

More or less been given the green light to ttc by OH, and I cant say how much I want to. Have this absolute uncontrolable desire to have a baby but trying to keep it at bay.

Work wise it will be heaps better if I wait to ttc at xmas time - finacially better too but I know what I am like - a ruddy nightmare.

Not sure this website helps, gets me so excited I chose my blimmin push chair yesterday that I would want...........not even preggers!!!

Then you think, well it might take 6 months and starting now is a good idea......but what if i fall in the first month ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh decisions decisions

p.s this forum helps me vent what my OH would roll is eyes at so thanks for reading xx


  • I thought like that and said we would wait till new year 2008 when financially better but its now july and still not pregnant so nothing ever goes to plan. I was pregnant in april but had mc in may.
    I always think to myself if only i had started ttc as soon as i came off the pill maybe i would have caught straight away and we would have found money from somewhere.
    As for choosing pushchair i have changed my mind 3 times, even find myself looking at the babys clothes in shops!
    This trying for a baby business sends us into baby overdrive i think.
    Hope you can decide when to ttc and goodluck when you do.
  • sounds very familiar, choosing prams, looking at baby clothes, what colour shall we have the nursery? and yes name picking not even pg either, we are all insane we are like nut jobs that have escaped, we are OBSESSED!!! and it is sending us loopy x
    once you decide to start ttc thats exactly what happens thats the only reason you go to bed with your oh, but as already mentioned some of the ladies on here get pg sttraight away others takes what feels like an eternity, you never know when it will be your turn so to speak, good luck with everything and your desicions xxx
  • To be honest I am a little nervous also, it is something I have wanted for so long that I am just a bit anxious about it, think I will come off the pill this month to work out my cycle but try avoid ov day (maybe ;o) ) hehe
  • when we offically started ttc the first time after bd morning after i thought oh my god! its anxious excited nervousness dont you think? this will be my 4th, yet still nervous, my youngest is 9, xxx
  • my children are 9, 12 and 15, my 15 year old is very ambitious too she wants to go to uni and whats to go into media, she wont make me a grandma any time soon thank goodness more likely to my wayward son!!! of 12 well hes almost 13, we are keeping it a secret too, how old are you? xx
  • akaladyK - i don't think there is ever a right time. but in my opinion i would come off the pill at the earliest opportunity as a few people on here had to wait a while for their cycles to get back to normal.
    and make sure you start taking your folic acid asap image
    my hubby honestly thought that the first time we would have unprotected sex we would get pg and that a baby would be born 9 months later. i think this whole ttc has really opened his eyes up! he told me that he was talking to "the lads" the other day and they were telling him to be relaxed about it, and he said he had been, but when we got pg and mw explained things that could go wrong in any pregnancy he got scared and then since we had mc he says it has really taught him a few things - he didn't know baby making was so difficult bless him!
    babydust to all xx
  • I don't think there is ever a right time and as the others have said you do not know when it will happen for you! I feel if you get PG you adjust and can sort out any financial issues!

    I also come on here to talk about everything that OH would roll his eyes at!! He isn't the most chatty person - bless him xx
  • im kind of in the same boat. i know that it would be financially more sensible to wait until christmas so i know what is happening with my job....but at the same time...i know it can take ages to get pregnant,,,,,and well..a lot has happened in the past year and ive realised that life is too short to hold off because of'll always get by with what you have.x
  • i thought similar thing,my OH money goes up quite a bit in june 09 and we started ttc in april,got pregnant in 2 wks!!! and so my hole it will take ages thing went out the window! of course i was lucky and very happy,and we only have 6 mths to cope finance wise.
  • wow that is very quick...whats your secret?
  • congrats mrskc! please share your secret!!!!!! lol , my 3rd child wasnt planned as such and of course you go through the whole can we do it financially and then when you have your new lo things fall into place and its as if you have always had them xxx
  • ha ha ! no secret i dont think. just bd every other day,put legs up for ten after bd,thats it!
  • lol x i already do that x hehe what are we like,
  • lets hope the old af doesnt find any of us this month going on holiday to try and hide from her when shes due....hopefully she wont be able to find me.
  • fingers crossed xxx
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