Hi Ladies,

Well i think i'm out again this month as hubbie only BD once with me around OV time. i'm only 8DPO and think i'm imagining symptons ie sore boobs, sick stomach which is NOT helping.

Me and hubbie had a huge row about why he won't BD with me when we suppose to, it got so bad that i threatened to leave him( more to it than just BD)(last month he only bd once aswell as he said he had a bad back!!! and just as i said to him that i can't stay as we both are fighting and wanting different things. he cried an said that his scared that i'll MC again. he never spoke about my MC to much when it happened just said its ok we'll try again and comforted me (when i tried to comfort him he said his ok).

how thoughtless am i!!!!!!???????????? i didn't know that it effected him that much...... but we had a heart to heart and he said we'll try properly next month (i told him if he wanted a break TTC it would be ok)
So anyway if we don't get caught this month we are sooooooo going to try hard next month ( i'm thinking postive, fingers crossed)

anywat sorry about the rant feel better just writing it down.

babydust to all



  • awwwww bless u both. hope ur ok? try and ensure him the only way u will get the bubba u deserve is if u keep trying. sorry about ur mc. hopefully now everythings out in the open u will both have claer heads and he wont be stressing, so u should get ur well deserved bfp soon!

  • thanks for ur kind words, means a lot.

  • Hi hun,

    I think you'll find things will be much better now he's opened up. When I had my mc OH was so good at comforting me and telling me everything would be ok. He cried twice but that weren't much compared to me.

    He went to see his sisters newborn 2 weeks ago and came back in floods of tears and it hit him like a brick wall. We talked and talked as I was abit pissed off before that he didn't seem all that bothered but as it turned out he did but he cared so much for how I felt he didn't show it. I felt so bad!

    But like I say things will feel much better for both of you now hun and you can start afresh (if you don't get your BFP this month of course)!

    Good luck hun


    PS I love the pic Mrs me. I might have to find me a nice summery picture now image
  • aren't men crap at telling us their feelings? but at least i know his not gone off me ha ha.

  • Aww cha you poor thing ,hope you and your oh are ok .Its so fustrating when men dont talk about things esp when you have alsorts going round in your head but aleast everything is out in the open now and fingers crossed you get your bfp this month. And dont forget you can always email me if you need to chat huni.image x
    good luck and big hugs!!!!
  • thanks mummy.2.5 had email you but pressed the delete button instead of send duh

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