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Hi all

A little update I got my BFP on sunday on a predictor test from morrisons 12.5 m/lu sensitive before that I had v.v.v. faint lines on FRER and ebay cheapies.

I moved to DIF after announcing my BFP on here and was OVER THE MOON, at the docs last friday before I got a BFP they sent a urine sample to the lab (quantative) my hcg level came back as 25 m/lu

The dr has said this is negative but have looked on internet and it says under 5 is negative 5-25 is equivoval (maybe, maybe not and to re-test in 3 days) so basically either I naturally have high hcg in my body or I am/was pregnant.

Confused...........I am!!! Anyway started spotting light pink yesterday and it really wasnt anything to worry about so I thought I would do a CBD this morning and got the NOT PREGNANT once again so looks like I could have had a chemical pregnancy.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so hopefully they will be able to tell me a little more am still bleeding but its not at the stage of a proper full on AF bleed yet, although am sure it will only be a matter of time.

I just so wanted it to be our time, have cried loads since yesterday and well i will probably be back on here over the next couple of days.

Congrats to any BFP's I have missed



  • hi sd iv been following you on dif and just wanted to say how sorry i am for you. there is nothing i can say to ease what your feeling so i will just send you a big hug x
  • Oh sweetie, (((((hugs))))) coming your way. If you have naturally high hcg levels then that could explain all the lines you've been seeing, your body is mean though. xxx
  • Thanks hun, yeah thats what have been thinking? but I had my hormone levels tested last time AF was awol and they were all in sync??

    A non pregnant women has hcg of less than 5, have googled it and littlewolf on here told me shes a midwife that anything over 5 is normally classed as positive.

    Guess I just need some closure am fine now was devastated but I have to move on and stop doing my own head in. Just wasnt meant to be image

    I wont really know until docs confirm things for me anyway whats happened.

  • Aw bigs hugs love!

    Hope ur ok, sorry to hear about this xx
  • Aw nooooo, I am so deeply sorry your going through this, How strange is it that your HCG could naturally be high, that cant be right.

    Theres nothing i can say that can make you feel better, I hope you will be ok.
    I dont think its over yet though, this spotting could be implantation? I know they say CBD's arent very sensitive, if your HCG is 25 and CBD is 50 i suppose it would say your not pg.
    Im surprised they didnt do a blood test rather than a urine test. HCG would have been more clearer in the blood than urine, not sure if thats a definate though.

    Not sure what else to say, big ((((((((HUGS))))))))



  • SD I am so sorry you're going through this, again. I really thought this was your time. When did do your urine sample for the doctors? Have you tested with normal tests since then-are the lines any darker?
    I don't know what to say really but I'm thinking of you x
  • o sd im so sorry, you really ahvent had a good time of this ttc business. even im confused for you. i really hope it all works out for you, and you are preggo. i have read a few of ur posts b4, and tbh a natural high hcg level, would make sense from the amount of faint lines you get? but who knows, it must be awful for you. sending you lots of hugs.

    *chucking all my baby dust, and reserve tank over you*

  • I'm so sorry. Biggest of hugs xxx
  • Sending you big hugs.
  • Oh hun, I'm so sorry. I've had my fair share of CP's (this month also?) and it doesn't hurt any less than a mc, you still know you had a bean in there. Good luck at the docs, I hope they can shed some light as to why it happened. Sending HUGE hugs to you xxx
  • Aww huni im so sorry to here your news. Sending big hugs your way!!! x


  • Awww hunni I dont know what to say other than offering you some big hugs !
  • Awwww pet I just want to give you a massive hug. It's sooooo unfair that this keeps happening to you with the faint lines etc. I really hope that your doctor gets his/her a**e in gear and pushes to get to the bottom of this. xx
  • I know its not any consolation whatsoever but just remember the Golden Girls are all here for you and we're still all in it together. Neither BOB, Frecks or I got our BFPs this month! booooo
    I think we're all waiting for each other to get before we get our BFPs
    All will be fine SD but know its horrible in the meantime xx
  • Hi Hun, Maybe I'm not reading this right as I'm at work and reading quick but I have to agree a hcg over 5 is a bfp, especially in urine as it is a known fact that urine has less of the hormone in it than blood - at 25 miu/ml in the urine there is no way you are not pg!

    When I had my last pg I had +ve's from Monday and when I went to the docs on the Wed my blood hcg was 28, within 48 hrs it more than doubled to 85 - which is exactly what it's meant to do. I don't understand why they would say you are not pg??? You are and you cannot tell anything from one blood hcg level let alone one urine hcg level, they have to retest so they can tell if you are doubling every 48-72 hours, preferably with blood. I would find another doctor - that is utter rubbish hun. I am very angry with that stupid doctors office. Is it the same one you've been seeing about your issues? I would definately find another one......

    I didn't see this yesterday, so have you been back today? Whay did they do today?
  • Im sorry to hear this hun,what a cruel world we live in!

    Sending you loads of love (((hugs too)))

  • I don't think Ive ever spoken to you before SD but just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are going through all this. What a confusing time - it must be awful getting your hopes up, then not knowing where you stand. xx
  • Hi all

    Thanks I have updated on a separate thread my head is a bit of a mess at the moment so am probably going to take a wee break from here.

    Its sucks because I have such stupid long cycles.

    We want a furball - it was a quantative urine test hun, doc read it out to me tonight and said it was 25 million ........m/lu or whatever it is.She also said the hospital had their own standards what they follow so if they dont think 25 is positive they would send it as negative. Have read on net 25 is a maybe and I should have been asked to re-confirm they just left me hanging.

    You can read more on my other thread as at moment am just too angry to keep on repeating myself and very confused.


  • I read your other thread SD and i am still in disbelief - I feel like most of us know more than your doctor - is she insane!!!!???? :x

    Urine contains less hcg than blood - why the hell would she not run a blood test? And just because you're spotting means nothing you could still be pg - I spotted for 3 days then stopped - plenty of women on here have had full on bleeds and still been pg!! :x

    Hun I am so sorry you're going through this.

    This is what I would do if I were you - wait until Sunday and take a hpt - if it's -ve then it probably was a chem. If it's a bfp go and find another doctor. Actually strike that find another one anyway - No 'good' doc runs a quantitive hcg from urine - insane - insane and incompetent!

    I don't want to give you false hope hun if you end up with a bfn but seriously how she has handled you this whole time is appalling! You need to find a doc who knows what they're doing, who doesn't rely on the lab to interpret test result for her (isn't she the doctor, did she go to med school????), and who has some compassion.

    Angry - angry - angry :x

    Anyway big hugs for you ((((((hugs)))))) - sorry hun. We're here - not that I much use throwing my toys out of the pram image
  • Just found this and BTW no-one runs a qauntitative hcg from urine! (note this refers to qualititative testing which measures: is it there or not? yes or no is the answer. Quantitative measure the amount - Note the last sentance!)

    From a laboratory website explaining how this should be done:

    All urine qualititative hCG tests should be done on a first morning urine sample, if possible. Urine becomes more dilute after ingestion of liquids (coffee, juice, water, etc.) and urine hCG concentrations may become too low to register as positive.

    Generally, when used correctly, the home test should produce the same result as the urine hCG test done by your doctor. Qualitative blood testing for hCG may be more sensitive than urine hCG testing, so sometimes a blood test will indicate pregnancy when the urine test is negative. Quantitative hCG testing requires a blood sample and must be done in the laboratory.

    Note from me - ggggrrrrrrrr 8\)
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