Really Low

As some of you know, I've been ttc#2 properly for 10 months now, although it's been over a year since we stopped using contraception. And I know, some people have been ttc longer than me and I know that I have been blessed with one already. But I feel really, really low at the moment.

My heart breaks a little each month and a bit more every time someone in RL announces a pregnancy. Three friends have had babies since we started trying as well as my younger brother, two colleagues have announced pregancies [one sits right opposite me and I have to face her every day] and now my cousin is accidentally expecting #2 [#1 is only 8 months old]. This last announcement has really been the straw that has broken the camel's back. Since hearing about it, I have just wanted to lie in bed all day but I have managed to drag myself up each morning to face the world.

I feel like I'm a zombie, that life is passing me by whilst all I can think about is ttc. I feel bad that I'm not 100% there for DS because of it. I don't know how to feel better about it all.

I don't want to bring anyone down with me. I just wondered how you cope with it all?


  • Oh hun, sounds awful, but we all get periods like this.... I've been trying now for 6 months, without anything and am starting to get pretty down about it. I think taking a step back and looking at all the other brilliant things in your life will help put it into perspective and maybe just ease off for a while? I think once you relax about it - I know it's a cliche - it will happen of its own accord xx
  • awwww bub! dont really no what to say to try make u feel better coz truth is, i probly wont be able to image im feeling kinda like this too atm, only thing u can and have to do, is same as we do every month, just slowly pick urself back up and cope with the pain, keep on trucking and ur bfp will come soon. its so horrible when someone anounces a pgcy especially if its 'an accident'. the way i get thru it is to look forward to little things aside from ttc like a bbq or a meal out or anything really, lots of little things that keep my mind busy and stop me from getting down about ttc. dont really no what to say or suggest. just wanna give u a big squeeze and send u lots of love. if u need to chat we are all hear for u, and may do u some good to have a week or so off be. made me feel a little better during my last 2ww? xxxxxxx
  • I know how you feel, every month it gets harder and hurts more. This is #1 for us and so at the beginning we were quite relaxed and still getting our heads around the decision to try, but now I am becoming increasingly desperate. Every month that passes you become more certain that it is what you want. So many people are pg at the mo, including a fridnd who swore she didn't want kids. It is so hard not to get upset. I scrolled thru my fbook friends the other day and do many are pg or have new babies -I just burst into tears.
  • bubblicious,

    i dont know what to say except that i feel the same at times. I have had such low periods where i felt like life was passing me by and i am not even a down kind of person usually.

    i AM feeling better at the moment so i do think that some phases in ttc are harder than others. I am hoping that you will feel a bit brighter soon enough.

    I think it is good to take some control of ttc in some way - i cant remember if you have a cbfm or use opks or temp? I do think that having a bit of control helps your mind to stay in control.

    And also to make yourself believe that it can happen for you - i know this is particularly hard when ttc for so long but there is no reason that it wont or cant. As cunuckmom says - believe you can conceive!

    I am sending you big hugs xx
  • Bless ya bubba, know exactly how you feel, I totally feel like my life is passing me by! My 2 best friends have got pregnant & had babies since I've been trying, one due in 3 weeks image its so hard but I think everyone is right, we go through these periods & it seems so get harder the longer it is (14mths for us now). I've decided to try & take some steps towards getting some control back as my brain is just unable to function properly at the mo, so I'm booked in for reflexology next week to try & relax!

    You will feel better soon honey, I'm sure of it, just try & take back some control & give your DS lots & lots of cuddles image

    Lots f love curls xx
  • I really feel for you. We have only been trying for 4 months and I'ts still really hard to deal with each time AF arrives. I can't imagine what I would be like in another 8 months, probably lost the plot! I'm having some reflexology to relax this evening as I have become a bit OCD about the wholes thing and I don't go to the bathroom these days without taking something to wee on!

    Just know that you will get there, concentrate on your son and remember all of the great things about being a Mum and you will get there x
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