omg omg omg!!

well all the lovely ladies who responded to my thread the other day - special thanks to ellies mummy - were right to keep with the PMA. i didnt test again Tuesday as was convinced sunday and monday were evap lines as took so long to come up. i tested yesterday with a boots own test (sd had sold out) and it came up within 90 seconds. i didnt let myself get excited so went to get a CBD last night and the result is

pregnant 1 to 2 weeks, cant believe it!!


  • Congratulations xx hope to chat to you over in Due in April when I'm brave enough to test myself!
    Take care
    Sue xx
  • thank you! think ill hang around here for a bit before moving over, its pretty early days. glad im off work today, id never focus! hope to see you over in dia soon, when u due to test? x
  • ooh huge congratulations hon...hopefully be joining you got my bfp this morning xx
  • Ahhhhhh yes!!!! Brilliant news honey, big big congrats xxxx
  • thanks everyone, looking forward to chatting in dia soon. i dont feel brave enough yet. just going to work out by due date, rough anyway.
  • so excited - Af is due tomorrow but I have been having really strong symptoms for the last week and half including nausea so 90% sure I am and no Af cramps so fingers crossed but had MMC previously so want to test as late as poss then I have less time to worry if that makes sense! Hoping to have offer in on our house today as we had a 2nd viewing yesterday so if we get that I think I will test.
    Take care
    Sue x
  • could be a very good week for you sparkles! hubby just text saying we should put the lottery on for saturday, as my BFP was our second bit of good news this week and they say good things come in threes dont they! you have more patience than me, holding out to test. i swore I wouldnt test early, wish i hadnt as all the faint lines vs evap lines situation confused me! looks like edd around 21st-22nd april, depending on where look.

    should i be ringing the doctors?
  • I've not rung the dr yet, I'm waiting until next week.
    I just wanted to see how this week went but that's just me!
    No harm in ringing the dr honey to get the ball rolling!
    Congrats again xxx
  • Last time I made an appointment to see the doc to 'confirm' pregnancy - she just took my word for it and told me to take folic acid and referred me to midwife. Personally I feel I could have done this over the phone and just been referred by Receptionist - however each surgery is different I suppose. Probably best to ask Receptionist whether you actually need appointment xx
    Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy and good luck with the lottery on Sat xx
  • thanks, I might give them a call and see what they say. maybe go along next week if need to go in. does anyone know what the situation is with flying when pregnant? ive been looking to go to nyc in september, need to check its ok to fly and also id be about 8 weeks so i could have sickness if everything goes well x
  • hey hunny managed to get the ols comp fired up!!! you can fly up to 26 weeks then if everything is ok my friend flew at 34 weeks as docs said everything was fine but she needed a docs note for insurance!! 8 weeks will be fine!!!! im sooo pleased for you!! knew you'd done it!!im sat having a cuddle drowning my sorrows!!! he he he will deffo be following you on here even if we not in the same month!!!! xxxxxx
  • congratulations darling! x
  • hey you made it online! thanks for all your help! i still cant believe it, its amazing seeing it in words tho. i stood in superdrug last nite debating whether to get a normal test or cbd but glad i went for the cbd. you seemed to have more pma for me than I did! i really hope you join a DI forum soon! in the meantime though u have that gorgeous little one of yours! x
  • Congratulations on your bfp! All the best x
  • thanks everyone! congrats to everyone else who recently got their BFPs n hoping everyone else joins us soon in a DI forum. i was convinced we hadnt done it this month, as our shifts meant we didnt bd after cd 12. we have been very lucky, fingers crossed for a sticky bean x
  • Congratulations!!! Brilliant!!! xx
  • Yay that's great news hunni, congratulations xxx
  • thanks! just been really naughty n got hubby an i love daddy sleepsuit from next, i couldnt help it. went in for something on home department and couldnt help having a nose at the baby stuff. he left for work about 5-10 mins after my BFP this morn so thought would be nice for him, not sure whether to give him it tonight or our anniversary in a few weeks x luckily im not superstituious!
  • Congratulations that's fantastic news and loving the sleepsuit idea! xxx
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