Could this be implantation or am I just kidding myself?

Hi ladies,

Bit of background information: I'm on CD21 today since my mc at 6 weeks. I've used my CBFM but have only had highs so far and no peak, although last time I used it I got my peak on CD18 (this was the cycle that I got my BFP).

Well anyway, yesturday evening (TMI alert) after I'd been to the toilet there was some pink blood when I wiped, nothing major just some pinky blood in my usual CM. I then BD last night, and then when I went to toilet this morning there was more pinky bloody in with my CM when I wiped. I've been to the toilet twice since and both times I've had some more pink blood, nothing major, only when I wipe.

Now I didn't think that I had even ovualted as I haven't had my peak on my CBFM, but other ladies on here have been known to get their BFP on cycles when the peak didn't show. According to this website implantaion usually occurs between 6 and 12DPO, and so I'm thinking that if I ov around CD14 and it wasn't picked up then this could be implanataion or am I completely kidding myeslf :\?



  • You never know..... hope so but grrrrrr if you are - we are so supposed to be bump buddies!! I tested again today as my AF is such a weird colour! And I'm really emotional!
  • Hi rainbow, fingers crossed for you hun and hope it is your BFP.

    Keep me posted xx
  • Just another thought, if I had peaked and my CBFM had missed it, would it have gone to low now? This is all so bloody confusing!

  • Rainbow - I have had excatly the same thing today!!!! It was only when I wiped and was a really light pink, nothing in pants (sorry!!) just on the tissue!! Fingers crossed for both of us xxxx
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