Got my appointment through!!

It finally came...its for the 31st bday and the day my af is due, argh!!! Heyho least im finally guna get some to the fertility clinic i go image xxxxxxxxx image


  • Glad u've decided to take the appointment honey!!! maybe this is a sign my pressie is working and u'll get ur BFP asap!!!!!!!

    babydust xxxxx
  • Lol, i was sat there today thinking how strange it was...after doing the u know what, my appointment came the next day and ur af came within a wk....good timing...or another source at work....mmmwwwaahhh!!! :lol:
  • i know really weird!!!!!!


    make sure u do u know tonight!!!
  • glad you have got your appointment - fingers crossed you will have some answers. or a BFP before that!

  • U know what has been done...although i didnt know what way the sunset went so guessed :lol: What do u think will happen next....a fully grown baby wil come out of my that i would like to see!!!

    Thanx mrs e, id love to run into that office with a bfp....but am not testing til im 2wks late this time though, so il walk in none the wiser! xxxxxxx
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