Who's told parents about ttc

Hi girls,
I was just wondering who has told there parents they are ttc. I work with my dad and finding it really had to make excuses each time i need to go to docs for lack of af appointments. I need to go and get blood test results but i've used optician, dentist etc etc quite alot this month!!!! I really wanted to just tell them one day 'your gonna be grandparents' but its so hard.
Anyone else got any told or not told parents experiences?


  • Hi Slow, I told my mum and now wish I hadn't, all I get is comments about when it's going to happen (on month 11) I don't get much time alone so can't tell her we may have probs. It's nice to be able to share tho, I'm sure they would be happy for you, but then you might catch them glancing at your belly to check for pg signs!!! Depends how open you want to be with them I guess!!
    Best of luck xx
  • Hi

    We haven't told our parents we are ttc. Am in two minds as to whether to tell them or not. I think that they probably think we either are or will be soon as we got married at the end of last year and my folks know that I would like a family. I think the main thing stopping me saying anything is that one of my sister is also ttc and having fairly major fertility issues and I am a bit worried how she will be if we do get pg.

    Am having acupuncture at the moment and Mum goes too so have spoken to the acupuncturist and she is not saying anything either.

    When do you think you will tell them? Do you think you will wait until 3 months or tell them sooner?


  • i havent and im trying with baby no2 been trying for 10months and my daughter is only 1 in 2 weeks so think the might be abit shocked not only that but it would drive me mad them asking all the time if anything has happend or have i noticed any chnages so i thought that the less people that know the better, if i did fall id tell them straight away, as i did with my first x


  • i did, i told alot of close family,mum dad,siblings,as it has been discussed alot by myself over last few years and well i new they would be excited if i told them,so i couldnt help myself!
  • I would def tell them as soon as it happens, wouldn't be able to keep it a secret!!! I think i'm gonna just have to have another opticians appointment this week to get my blood test results!!!!!
  • Humm there is something about sitting down and telling my dad his little girl is doing it that doesn't quite work for me! We are married though. So no we haven't told them the only person who knows is a very close friend who has been through all this and IVF so a very good support! I couldn't face them looking at me sideways trying to work out if I had gained weight, especially when I have but no BFP!!! My sister on the otherhand did. She got her BFP in 2 months lucky thing! I think it depends on your circumstances but too much pressure for me!
  • Hiya, our famiies know we are hoping to conceive this year but we haven't specifically said when. I will definitely tell my mum and sisters as soon as I know and my boyfriends sister is a close friend of mine as well, so she'll know too. All other friends and family members will have to wait a bit longer.
  • My parents know all about the a.i.-someone has to look after my lo while I'm doing it!!
    If anyone thinks its bad their dad knowing about sex then try telling them you are sticking a syringe of a strangers sperm up yourself!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!
    I wanted my parents approval really before I went this route of tcc. In fact all my friends and work collegues know too.I am a nurse on an elderly ward so its heavy work and as soon as I get my bfp everyone will have to know anyway. The support I have got so far has been amazing!!
  • hjanea, I think it's great that you're ttc in this way. I have a friend who is considering the same because she has PCOS and has been told that if she wants children it has to be sooner rather than later, and there's no man in her life at the moment. Best of luck.
  • Thanks lulabellarama. I couldn't afford a clinic so found a donor through a website if shes interested?
  • Not sure she's quite ready yet, but I will definitely come back to you if she decides to go for it.
  • Please do. I am indebted to the person who told me about it so if I can pass it on thats great.
  • Hi guys, told both my parents especially my Mum been chewing her ear off about her experiences when she was trying, did she have problems etc. found it helpful to talk to someone who knows how it feels!
  • I haven't told anybody and like you SLOW have to keep coming up with opticians, dentists, hair appointments etc. to cover up for my accupuncture sessions! My husband told his parents at Christmas that we were going to ttc this year and I was really cross with him because i didn't want anybody to know plus his dad is not very tactful and can't keep a secret so I suspect his whole family know by now. I know it's silly but my main reason is that i don't want to jinx it! I also don't think I could put up with the 'hows it going?' questions when it's not going well. I said previously to my sister that we would probably start ttc after our one year anniversary which is about 1.5 weeks away now so she and my mum will have their suspicions i'm sure. On the one hand i really want to tell them, but I think i'll regret it.
    If i do get pregnant though I think I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret from my mum and sister although funnily enough my husband would want us to keep it a total secret until the 3 months are up. I think he's saying that now because I flipped out so much when i found out he told his dad we were going to be ttc!
  • Hi girls have not read all the posts. I told mine I think for me i wanted thier support as i am very much a person who cares what other's think which i know I should not be. I have been married for 5 months and am 26 will be 27 at the end of this year but i still felt like a little girl telling them LOL

    we told my parents my grandparents (they are like my mum and dad) Hubby's parents our brothers and sisters and i told two close friends.

    I am not worried how long it take I don;t feel any pressure from them and they all never ask about it which is nice. I would of hated it if i told them and they said every month well??? That would get to me.
  • Hi everyone. We haven't told a soul. Feel like some others on here and don't want to 'jinx' it. Get people constantly asking 'when are you two going to have children?', 'your body clock's ticking' etc (I'm only 30!!!). We've been married two years next month and am hoping for BFP to celebrate. Will definitely tell my mum and sisters pretty much straight the way but no-one else (although think DH would want us to tell his family too but I don't want to!!! - weird, I know!).

    When anyone asks, we just say stuff like, 'we're not ready yet, we enjoy our freedom too much, I've got a new job so we'll have to wait til I've settled in to that'. Practically anything to keep people of the scent!

    The more I write on here, the more I tend to think I'm a bit odd!!!!

  • hi we havnt told our parent that were ttc as my oh mam dont want us to have another as we both have 1 girl each and she thinks this is enough but we really want 1 more plus ill be ours rather than shared with sum1 else if u know what i mean id love to tell my mam but she thinks i should wait a few years atleast till my daughter goes to school (she is only now 18 mths) b4 we start trying im 27 in july and dont really want to wait any longer to try as it may take a while ive told 2 of my close friend about it had to as i wanted to know how long it took them to catch for there second babys plus it gives us something else to talk about
  • my husband isn't too keen on telling people, so I'm not sure if he's told his parents. I like people to know though so we can have a chat about it and they can help. I told my dad and he was really reassuring, I thought everyone in my family got pg straight away as my sister has 4 kids and my mum had 3 (me at 43) but my dad said no it took them 2 years to get pg with my brother, so I feel much better now (my mum's dead now). I haven't really told friends that much, only vaguely but not in any detail, as none of them have children or are ttc yet themselves, one friend who is pregant I have told and keep her updated on progress, she is really helpful and reassuring too!
  • hello,on my first pregnancy i told my aunt (she was very ill and i was hoping it would help her pull through,sadly it didnt but at least she got to find out before she passed away that i was pregnant) on this one,no i havent told my parents,ive told 2 friends but thats it,i will tell my mom and dad as soon as i get the bfp

  • I think i'll wait until its been a year and then maybe tell them. I know my mum took 3 years to concieve with me after my brother but i don't know the reasons. If i start asking questions shes gonna suspect something!
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