angus catus ?????

ok im prob being really dumb and its prob already been on here somewhere but what is angus catus? what does it do and where can i get some? xx


  • It regulates your af, it's angus castus. You can get it from health food stores. You take it from CD 1, up to ov. xx
  • so i can take it as soon as i get it, and how will i no if ive ov i have had no af for 8 months will it help me at all? thanks for replying tho image xx
  • It's difficult if you don't know when or if you have ov'd. Do you check cm? It might be worth checking previous posts, I have seen questions about AC before. Sorry, not much help. Have you been to the dr's? xx
  • When you take it is personal choice - for it to work properly in regulating AF you should take it constantly, but it is not advisable to take it when PG - hence why it is recommended not to take it after OV - just in case! have you tried OPK sticks to see if you are OV? You should definitely see docs if you haven't xx
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