Hi girls its been a long time

Hi girls its been a long time since ive been on here. But im plsed to say i am now back and i am PREGNANT. I went 4 my 12 week scan yesterday and found out i was 12+2. For those of u that dont know me i had a miscarriage last September at 6 and a half weeks. Like anyone is i was deverstated and couldnt bare to come on the site. Me and oh dealt with it together and gradually started tryin again. So here i am 12.3 weeks pregnant 2day and i couldnt b happier. We told both lots of family last nite and as u can imagine there was lots of tears especially from my dad who took the miscarriage really hard. I did nothing but cry all day yesterday especially when i saw my little baby on the screen. The sonographer said the heart beat was really strong and everything was fine. my little one is due on 23rd DECEMBER. Happy Christmas lol lol. I am also on facebook if anyone wants to add me Lyndsay Germany. xxx


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