Got My BFP

Hi All,

Got my BFP on wednesday! Just thought i would say thanks for all the advise i had, especially getting CBD test which gave me my BFP. Good luck to the rest of you, I ended up conceiving the first month after coming off the pill, so there is hope.



  • Wow!! That is brilliant - 1st mth too!! How many days before you got BFP? Did you use any other tests before CBD and get a BFN? Just wondering as AF was due at CD40 and now on 46 with BFN's!!
  • thats great news congrats! im on my second month of coming off the pill and just started out first month of TTC. (i wanted to have a 'normal' period before we started....and to get some idea of how my body would react to coming off the pill)
  • I know i couldn't believe it! Well my CD started on the 28th May so i was due around 25th or 26th June but af didn't arrive. I did a Clearblue normal test on tuesday and had a very very faint line, almost like evap line. Then wed night did CBD and it was BFN but took ages to give result. Did another first thing in the morning and BFP came up immediatey. I def think everyone should be testing in the morning as by the afternoon HCG has basically dissapeared in early pregnancy. Hope that is of help. Def tell symptoms as well as boobs are already getting bigger, and have a strange feeling down below, plus feeling slightly sick all the time. What tests have you tried??
  • Good to hear you are on your way Bailey_b. I was worried it was take my body ages to adjust after coming off the pill, i have been on it for 7 years. It must have all gone!! A good plus after coming off the pill is that you are meant to be more fertile. I thought i was going to have at least one 'normal' period but it all happend so quickly. I am still quite shocked!
  • thanks emily100 - done ebay sticks, boots and first response! I am going to try the 2nd 1st response tomorrow morning! I have had nausea on and off since tuesday, weird crampy pains but def not AF type, they are very low and kind of feel like a cross between cramp and pulled muscle?! Sore very erect niples, itchy boobs, my stomach is bloated and my mate asked if I was pg yesterday as apparantly I look it (she knows I am trying so wasn't being rude!), I am also weeing LOTS! Plus I am really tired and the tops of my legs ache like mad! I am actually trying to ignore all these symptoms but it is impossible!!
  • Well to me that sounds exactley what i am having, especially the lower cramps. It's not a pain but a dull ache. The doctor told me this is just everthing pulling and streching to start getting bigger. It was the nipples as well mine have become darker and more errect. To me this sounds like you could be pg? I was a bit frustrated as i knew i had the sypmtoms but was getting a BFN. I have been pg once before so i kinda thought i was pg despite the BFN ( had a miscarriage a while ago) I would def recommend CBD, even though they are a little pricey.
    Just gotta ait for my urine sample to come back from docs but i mean if CBD said BFP straight away i presume its correct! Good luck with your test tomorrow. It's just like pregnancy on the brain all the time, once it happens for you, you will wonder why you worried so much!!xx
  • My nipples are a darker colour too! I thought i may be imagining that! I don't want to say it - but I do feel different. At the moment I am trying not to look too much into it as don't want to get disappointed. I just want to know one way or another! As if I am PG then I am over 6wks already!!

    I have docs appt booked for a week wednesday (takes 2wks to get appt!) if nothing happens, to see what they say and if they will do any other test / scan etc to find out for me what is happening. The other problem is that I smoke (bad I know!). I have tried to quit but haven't managed it yet. If I was told I was definitely PG I KNOW that would stop me no matter how hard. I need that incentive! I am hoping if I tell the docs that they will do something as they are so anti it and know it is bad for baby! I have cut down by half but still not managed to stop.

    If CBD said 'PG' then it has GOT to be right!! I may have to get one on Monday if another BFN tomorrow!

    Sorry about the MC, I really hope this is a great 9mths for you! thank you for sharing your symptoms! It has given me some PMA!!
  • Good to hear you are on your way Bailey_b. I was worried it was take my body ages to adjust after coming off the pill, i have been on it for 7 years. It must have all gone!! A good plus after coming off the pill is that you are meant to be more fertile.

    thanks..i didnt really know what to expect, having been on the pill for about 7 years too, so i was acctually quite pleased when af showed up within a reasonable time.....Lets hope this fertile boost kicks in!! what pill were you on?x
  • Glad to be of help immense. I know i wasnt trying to get pg for long but when i was on here seeing all the BFP posts it just gets you thinking about it all the time. All i can say is if your like me you will know when you are pg. I can just feel it and woke up one morning like it. The only negative side is weeing all the time and i have LOTS of trapped wind ( sorry !!) Thanks for congrats, fingers crossed for your BFP tomorrow xx

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  • I was on microgynon, i presume its just your average pill as the doc started me on it and i never had any probs. All i can say is have loads of sex!! I mean i know ppl use ov tests but it can happen before and after ov. We were trying to do it every other day. xx
  • Thank you too x I have been on microgynon previously and it is usually the 1st one you are put on!! I was on 2 different ones after that tho as that and the 2one made me gain weight! I was on pill 10 years in total!

    I have been constipated for 2 days (sorry!) and lots of wind!! I know how awful it is lolxx
  • congratulations!! hope everything goes well xx
  • Wow first month emily, you are so lucky. Congratulations, have a h&h 9 months. xx
  • That is fantastic congratulations xx
  • brilliant news congratulations xxxx
  • congratulations and heres to a happy &healthy nine months and to july being another bumper bfp month. xx
  • yipee sending lotsa of pma to u and everyone waiting for the crucial line to appear xxxx
  • Gr8 news, congrats.
  • Congratulations! x
  • congratulations and sticky babydust
    Filo x
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