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Ok am i a total cow...

Hey girls need a bit of a rant as oh isnt here and have sent him a email but it cud take a while for his response!!! Well my sister in law has just had her implant out...yup the same one i had out 6 months ago now!! Anyways shes told everyone shes ttc (were keeping it a secret...) and i just know shes guna get pg b4 me sods law...and its bound to look like we have copied and jumped on the band this wouldnt bother me normally its just she can b really weird and competitive and i dont like it...and am really worried shes guna ruin things,,,we where so excited about keeping things secret but feel when we announce it shes bound to try to take the shine away for us...i know u may think shut up and get on with it, just was so excited about things and feel rubbish...even if we get pg the same time i know the pregnancy will be compared all the way through!!! aaarrrggghhh!!!!


  • aww honey that sounds awful. try ot keep the faith, things will happen when your time is right. and your much better than her, you have a great personality all she can offer is competivitness and that aint good in a WOMAN. lol sorry hope you dont take offence im trying ot be helpful lol. sorry dont mean it to be nasty.

    baby dust to you
    dont hate me
  • Hi Woomummy, I totally sympathise but think your approach is FAR more dignified.
    Anyway she may not catch and then she'll have to keep explaining why not to everyone...
    Tonnes of babydust to you and Mr Woo xxxxxxxxxx
  • Ahhhh. But you have a secret weopan, us. We can all help you with your journey and let you vent at same time. I know which approach i'd prefer. Good luck to you. Filo x
  • ja'vu......that sounds just like my sister in law, always trying to do better and gettin all the attention from mummy n apple of daddy's eye! we always get looked down on compared to her.
    As long as you relax and enjoy your bd then hopefully you'll pip her to the post....the best thing would be not to tell anyone till your really far gone n it would be great if in that time she announced she was 6 weeks pg and you came back with 'well am 16 weeks pg!' lol imagine her face..........

    oops sorry little evil of me!

    tonnes of baby dust your way

  • God i love u guys!!! Was worried everyone may think i was being irrational...i just dont understand her she can b really evil like that at times!!! We want to keep it a secret till 14wks at the least so like u say em would be a great thing if it happened like that!!! What would i do with out u girls...feel so much better knowing im not alone, thank god i joined here as doubt hubbie has even received the email yet!!! Shes like it with everyone, just dont understand how someone can be so petty and nasty!!! xxx kim xxx
  • Hi Woomummy!
    You're allowed to rant! don't worry I'm sure it will take a while for her too!
    Chin up hun!
  • awww hun

    I really hope you get a BFP this month more than ever now just to cheer you up! Its so hard dealing with people you know getting pregnat when you are trying, especially stupid people lol try not to get too bothered by her and fingers crossed she is trying for a while!

    That sounds so horrible lol

    charlie x 20+6
  • hope u make it this month babe!!! fingers crossed 4 u!!!!
  • Erm... I have a certain sense of competitiveness with my brother and his wife, though they haven't started trying yet. I hope, though, if we both get pregnant at around the same time that we support and help eachother. It would be nice to have someone in my family going through the same things as me.

    She may find it hard to get pregnant and may need support, so you could be there to support and help her. Obviously you may have deeper issues with your sister in law and maybe your relationship isn't good, but couldn't this be a bonding thing? Have you considered confiding in her and your brother that you have been trying too and maybe build bridges through this shared experience, or are you just not that good friends?
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