Do you get time at work...?

..... to look up stuff on the net and, especially chat on this site? Just wondered. I work as a Secretary/PA, but out in the main office, am on the internet at work, but I always seem to have this site up on screen when someone decides to approach my desk and ask me to do something! And work related too!!! :lol: How dare they interrupt me doing some most important research!! Lol, what jobs do you all do and do you get to sneak a peak at this site during the day?? :\) Zxx


  • i used to have access and was never off the im in a new job and although i have access to the internet, my phone doesnt stop ringing for long enough to let me
  • what a pain, anyone would think you go to work, to work! Lol I haven't been on here long, but am finding it a little addictive. Its great to hear of other people's stories and advice. Zxx
  • I'm lucky enough to work from home with my own business so I can bloody well do what I like!! That said, it the work doesn't get done on time I only have myself to blame!
  • Hi hun, I wish!! ha ha I am in an open office with 3 other ladies and always approached and often doing 3-4 things at the same time,

    I am an Admin/Finance Officer and work for a local Charity

  • God no I work for the NHS and usually don't even get time to nip for a wee let alone sit chatting on here!!
  • lol velvet quilt. i only work part time so tend to get a little addicted when i am at home. i dont spend all day at the comp (although i have today coz im feeling pants) but i do tend to pop on every so often throught the

    i find it very
  • no im a dental nurse dont get time or even access the comp is right by boss surgery!
  • Hi SD, not sure you saw my note on last post "Stuff" - hope you doing ok? What Charity do you work for? Sounds good. Velvet_Quilt, hello to you too, lucky you working for home - sounds bliss! I'm attempting to write my first novel at the moment, my dream would be to get it published and become a famous author (of course!!) and stay at home writing all day! Zxx
  • I do have access but last year we had a meeting where it was called up about internet use...oooops :lol: I still do it but not to the extent I used to, mainly because the door is behind my desk so I can never see anyone coming and always get caught!! x
  • Hi ZLS23!

    Working from home is really hard! It take so much will power, sometimes I wish I had an office space away from home so I wasn't tempted to totter off and do other things instead and get distracted! Hubby also works from home which is brilliant for BDing!!!!
  • MrsRobertson, your reply made me smile. Sometimes I wish I was a bit busier that I didn't have time to look up stuff and wonder if I have any new symptoms!! :\) Velvet_Quilt, hubby home too, great stuff. My hubby is a guitar teacher, teaches mostly kids, so just when I'm getting in from work, he is off teaching, he gigs too, 3 weekends out of 4, still, we still find the time, I work close to home, so am home for lunch most days, well, lunch and BDing, sorry TMI:lol:
  • Nope i work in a library so i get no time at all to come on here. Also they know EVERYTHING you look up online so i wouldnt want them to see anything baby related at all!
  • I have access at work and I spend a short time on this site during working hours
  • am a student and work as a notetaker so no www access all day, only now during the holidays when I am supposed to study really hard am on here all the time LOL
  • Am a teacher so never come on here when at work! I never get 5 mins to myself and usually spend my lunch time hearing my class reading or getting ready for the afternoon lessons! x
  • I used to have access at work but then this biatch from hell joined the office and grassed on me!! Was planning my wedding at the time....couldnt believe it but hey ho!! Just be careful ladies, you dont know who is watchingimage xx
  • Like jellyfishpink I am a teacher and don't get any time to get on here during the day. Think it would probably be blocked nayway. Plus our school are really strict on internet use at school - if you wanna go on a website none work related you have to go and inform themfirst!
  • I am luck stay at home mummy & also look after a friend LO so between doing house stuff i get to come on all day :lol:
    My LO is playing trains and i get to chill x
  • All the time, this place has become a bit of an obsession for me to be honest lol. I have done hardly any work today whoopsy!
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