I know there's a few of us on here! Christmas holidays at last! Maybe now with a stress free couple of weeks something might happen for us all........!!

Baby dust and happy holidays xx




  • I'm a lecturer! So happy we got a snow day today! 2 weeks off, heaven!

    Good luck hun! xxx
  • Hmmmmmmm! The snow day...... Funny story as it goes......
    I work in Essex and apparently our school was listed as a closure on the local radio so at 7am (after I'd showered and done hair, make-up etc...) my HoD texted to say the school was closed. So I went back to bed!
    At 8am another text came to say that it was a mistake - the school was open!
    So I had to get up again and had to ring in late (VERY late!).
    As I pulled into the road my school is on, I started to see the kids coming out - they'd only sent them home!!
    So I went to school in the ice and snow for nothing. Worst of all, it was our staff do last night and it was impossible to get a taxi so a lot of us got in at 3 and 4am so today really was a mission. Anyway, at least we all managed to go for the big greasy breakfast we were all hankering for!!! x
  • I finished today at lunchtime and so happy image, it is my work do tonight and I have a stinking cold, feel awful but have spent nearly ??80 for my and hubs to go so will be going to eat our meal and then back home for us.

    Babydust to all and loads of PMA too xxx
  • Hope you enjoy the do - dose yourself up with paracetamol (but apparently not ibuprofen as it can reduce fertility.....???)!
    And by the way welcome to BE - I noticed it's your first post! xx
  • Thank you Mrs Robson, it's not actually my first post, I am MrsH!!, tried logging on the other day and couldn't, it wouldn't email me my password so had to open another account to speak to you all!!!
    Would rather not take anything if poss as testing soon, but do feel pants image xxx
  • Oh ok MrsH - I like the new look! Heheh! Awww, well I hope you feel better soon xx
  • Oh MrsRobson thats soo mean, I live in essex too, the list on the radio was super long! Our college wasn't on there, so I struggled in and (like you) they'd only gone and sent the buggers home. Last day of term and you would have thought that the bosses would have been nicer!
    Poor Mrs H, go and have a nice hot bath, will help your nose too! xxx
  • Hey teacher dudes!

    Promise me you will do NO WORK over the Chrimbo hols - now PROMISE!!

    I started supply teaching in September and although I'm not totally sold on it, I so do not miss working over every weekend and holiday!

  • Waaaaaaa!!! Cass - I wish they'd make their minds up, eh?!!
    Moon and Stars - I'll drink to that! xx
  • Thank you Mrs R, am dressed and ready to go, feel like I am over - heating already!!! xx
  • Go and enjoy MrsH!! You'll no doubt feel better once you're out - the hardest bit is the motivation to get ready and get out in the first place! At least you can have a proper lie-in tomorrow! xx
  • we didn't have much snow here in leicestershire... not enough to close the school... but the kids loved it and felt really christmassy!

    i am nearly asleep on the sofa... all my energy has drained away! Hubs is cooking tea... loving the christmas holidays already!
  • I can't promise not to do any work, I have about 150 assessments to mark! (big grump!) But will have fun, its going to be my mantra!

    I can't get too relaxed though, cos whenever I do, I get ill!
  • Finished today too, but had lots of kids off today - think they stayed at home to play in the snow! Two weeks at home with Lily and hubby. FAB! xxx
  • Poor you mrs Robson!!I am so happy it's the hols.feel so run down this term so very grateful for two weeks off.not as much snow up here in the north east so no snow day for me but it's coming down now!happy holidays to all!!

    E x
  • well...
    TYPICALLY i have woken up on the 1st day of the holiday with a cold... i hope it is a mild one and am going to allow myself to take a few decongestant type things (just a few) before i POAS on wed.

    i have some work - planning - to do but am going to leave it for after christmas!
  • I feel your pain Mrs Beck, I have a stinking cold image xx
  • I feel your pain Mrs Beck, I have a stinking cold image xx
  • Heheh! I've got a cold too - what is it with us teachers?! x
  • I am blaming the children lol!!! They are little germ monsters xx
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