BFP after 2 years!

Hi ladies,

I don't suppose anyone on here would remember me as it's been such a long time but just wated to share my news! I am actually 10 weeks pg now..... only just feeling ready to do my BFP post... after such a long time TTC, I've felt really scared that this could all be taken away from me hence.... it's taken a while for me to be brave enough to type the words!!

You'll find the full story on LTTC if you're interested but the gist is;

DH and I started TTC 2 years ago, after a year of not a hint of a BFP we went to the docs and started investigations. I was seemingly fine, DH's morphology was just 2% however (normal forms are 15-30%) although this didn't make TTC impossible it certainly made it a challenge!

Another 6 months passed and still no joy so the hosp looked into referring us for ICSI... I was told they couldn't even refer me for 2 yrs (when I turned 30)... I was gutted but decided to stop living my life in limbo and change jobs as a potential pregnancy was my only tie to my old job... I started in Jan and kept busy, I wouldn't say I was happy, I wanted a baby more than anything and after nearly 2 years it was still a good 2/3 years away from happening realistically.

I then discovered that they checked the wrong PCT and I was eligible for a referral now! A bit lifted but still tried to put it to the back of my mind... anyway while I was chasing the PCT 4 months after being referred as I'd not heard a word and frustratingly discovering my paperwork had never even been received I was already pg unbekown to me!!

I eventually did a test to confirm I wasn't in my mind and I got a BFP!!!!!!!

the last 6 weeks since that moment have been the happiest but most nerve wracking of my life!!!! I feel slightly more confident/reassured with every week that passes and I ,m so looking forward to hitting that 12 week milestone and having my scan image

I've been very sick and tired but have been told this is a good sign so I'm very, very, happy to feel this way!

My edd is 20th Dec.... Christmas pud... I'll introduce myself in due in Dec 2010 forum soon if you want to check for updates.

If anyone has any questions, just ask- best of luck on your own journeys!!!! OP xx


  • Oh that's fantastic news, congratulations! I'm in DID too, due on 26th so we'll be bump buddies pet! I must admit I've just had a little hormonal weep reading your story, I can't even begin to imagine what a tough journey you've had on the road to this BFP. Have you got your 12 week scan date yet? xx
  • Congratulations - what a lovely outcome!! good luck and hope the next 7months are H&H!!xxx
  • Woohoo congratulations. I dont think I ever talked to you but I remember your avatar :lol:

    I joined in sep 08 so would have seen you about. Im so happy for you after waiting so long. Im sure all will be fine and have a H&H 9 months.

    Ps. I was in DID but lost my bean at 9 weeks. Just wanted to say they are a lovely bunch of ladies xxx
  • congrats hun xx
  • congratz OP! i'm another DiD lady, and we'll be more than happy to see u over there xxx
  • I actually got goose bumps hun!!!! I remember you!!! well done!!! I am so pleased for you!!! enjoy every minute of your pregnancy!!!

    Rache xxx
  • i am soooo pleased....

  • i remember you!!!!!! im so so so so pleased for you! massive congratulations!

    ashy and oliver xxx

  • I remember you too hun, always loved your nickname and avtar...

    I have been on here since May 09- one CP and one MC in that time but I am incredibly blessed to already have two lovely children. Your story is amazing-you must be totally over the moon.

    Massive Congratulations-enjoy every momentimage

  • OMG - I strangely was thinking of you the other day (from the days of being LLB on yayw) and thought i'd not seen a post on LTTC for ages - but this is just amazing news and very well deserved.
    Massive congrats hon

  • Wow, what a great ending! Congratulations.... I wish you all the best and may you have the very merriest of Christmas'es!!!!!!!!
  • Hi i remember you when i was ttc my ds who is now 10 1/2 months old now its so nice to hear your fantastic news!!! congrats and have a h&h 7 months.
    luv clare
  • Huge congratulations that is such fantastic news enjoy every second of the next 12 months. XxX
  • Congratulations hun! Enjoy it all!

    Lots of love
  • Hi Orange Pants..I definitely remember you from my days in TTC and especially your dilemma about whether or not to go for a different job.

    I am so pleased to read this and many many congratulations

  • OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I remember you from the days of YAYW, and then moving on to here. I'm so happy for you and your hubby, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and congrats again!

    Cat xxx
  • Massive congrats i remember you from when we were TTC last january! thats brilliant wishing you a happy healthy 9 months. xxxx
  • Thanks so much for sharing your story - that really is wonderful and it's a very uplifting tale to hear. Have a very happy and healthy pregnancy and huge congrats! Txx

  • Moved by your story, congratulations, very happy for you, xo
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