Newbie to site and first month of trying


I got married 7 weeks ago, im nearly 30 and we are trying for our first baby. I had my first period after coming off the mini pill (after we got married) 2 weeks ago but from recollection i would have about a 30 day cycle and ovulate quite late in the month so not really sure of when im ovulating until i get my next period.

at the moment we are having sex about every other day, sometimes every day, its a good excuse being newly-weds!!

i have looked through a good few pages before i typed this post and im very confused of all the abbreviations so please excuse me if i have to ask what a few of them mean along this journey.

heres hoping

chic xx


  • hey chic image im new to the ttc forum too! i still get confused at the abbreviations but here are a few quickies..

    BFP - big fat positive (pregnancy test)
    BFN - big fat negative
    AF- aunt flow (that time of the month!)
    DPO- days past ovulation
    CB- ClearBlue pregnancy test
    CBFM- ClearBlue fertility montior

    urm.. any more just ask image

    congrats on your marriage and good luck ttc!!
  • hello and welcome

    congrats on the wedding! there are a huge list of abbreviations on the chat room rules forum,

    look forward to chatting

  • Hey Chic welcome to ttc. Congrats on the weddong. Xx
  • Congrats on your wedding! Good luck honey hope you get your bfp really really soon xx
  • Can i join in? I'm also new here. Just finished taking the pill and gonna start trying for our first baby. Very excited, but also quite terrified! Been with hubby for 6 years, got married feb last year and now decided we're both ready for a baby. I'm also a bit confused with the abbreviations, but i have read loads of books about pregnancy so i've picked a few up! Here's hoping none of us are waiting too long! xxx
  • hello everyone, thanks for your very kind replies and for the help with the abbreviations, a lot of things make sense now!!
    bought some of that sensar from boots today as we had been using durex and then i read that it can harm the sperm so thought i had better change it.

    there was something else i was reading about, some sort of machine that people are turning on???
  • thats the clear blue fertiltiy monitor, it helps to detect ovulations so pretty similar to OPKs, We are on month 1 on using it month 2 TTC, i got my BFP last time using image

    the clear blue website has lots of info on it x
  • Hey congratulations on your wedding hun we got married just over 3 weeks ago and ttc baby number 2 this is a great place for advice lots of luck xxx
  • well i think ill give it a go for a few months to see how we get on without getting too hi tech to start with. im worried the more i worry and stress the harder it will be to get pregnant. just want one so much thats all!!

    gonna get a digital thermometer though for the next cycle to take my body temp to at least try and predict the days im ovulating and give it our best shot.
    do lots of you move around the boards chatting or tend to stick to one place??

    chic xx
  • yeh, is best not to take it all too seriously chic image

    i move all over the board, i go in ttc, labour and birth, my baby was born in oct 09, baby, weaning, young mums, breastfeeding and bottle feeding chat!! all over the place me!! image
  • scuse the double post but just realised we will be testing at the same time!! image 19th/20th? image
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