Attempt number 3 completed

this afternoon!! Used preseed for first time and my syringe nearly popped out twice!!!:lol: Hoping flying tomorrow makes me ov early and that the preseed helps keep the spermies alive until I do!!!


  • Believe me it was!!!!!!
  • fingers crossed for you and enjoy your holiday.

  • Yeah!!!!!! Was the preeseed easy to use? Tmi! Hope it worked for u & have a lovely
  • Yes, but I think if I use it again I'd only use half-though there isnt that much, but it makes everything very slippery and difficult to keep in. Sorry if tmi but I keep the syringe in for a while to try to stop leakage and when its all slippy its a bit difficult!!!!!
  • Good luck hunny!!! xxxxxx
  • good luck for your bfp hope the preseed works if your struggling with lack of cm give epo a try it has really improved mine, have a lovely holiday xxx
  • Thankyou. I've been taking epo and it has improved cm but I'm not due to ov until saturday at the earliest so thought I'd try and give the sperm the best environment I could.
    Hope there are lots of bfps to catch up on when I get back - I'm going to get horrendous withdrawal symptoms from not being able to come on here!!!!!!!xx
  • Have a fab holiday hun, fingers crossed for good news when you get back !! xxx
  • Thankyou, hope hols is less stressful than this am-last minute packing with a very excited 3 year old!!! Hope theres lots of bfps while I'm away-good luck everyone!!
  • Have a fab holiday and lets hope you come back with something special. xx
  • ooo fingers crossed! have a good holiday XX
  • have a great time hon. Really thrilled this month worked out time wise for you. So frustrating to have missed it. Now relax on your lounger...
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