cbfm advice

hey ladies,

so today is my first day i need to press my m button. image
was going to set it at 9 so gives me from 6am till noon when i need to test.

Problem is i work shifts, including 2 nights every 10 days.
does anyone ekse work shifts like this, as on nights u never actually get a fmu as u drink at work in the night, and by the time i get up in the afternoon, i will of missed my testing window,
so do i set it for 1pm to cover my night shifts, but when im up for my early shifts at 6am, collect fmu and test when i get home?

what do u ladies suggest?


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  • thats a difficult question, I am too hating the 6 hour window, i mean what is the point, its easier if they say the first urine of the day when you wake avoiding any confusion with night shifters.

    You could always contact clearblue?

  • its sooo confusing aint it hun.
    i think im just gonna set it for 9am. as if i set it in the afternoon and wanna go out anyhwere for the day i will completly miss it.
    just gonna have to try not to pee from 4am till i get in at 8:30 on nights. its only 2 mornings so figure setting it at 9 will work better everyother day of my working shift pattern image
    thanks for ur reply hunni xxxx
  • mimi,
    thankyou so much, thats a massive help image

    good luck this month image hoping my shiney new cbfm brings me some happy news in the next few months image
  • I too work shifts. Nights and days in one month. My monitor only asked me for tests, up until my first peak day. Then it's on auto until i press the m button, for my period. I set if for midday, I don't get the first morning thing as most women produce their lh surge in the afternoon. There's stories of people doing opks and getting a positive the afternoon before they get their first peak on the monitor next day. I work 12 hour shifts- 8 till 8 and decided to operate on the basis that as long as i haven't peed for 2 hours before and drunk a massive amount, my urine would be concentrated enough. When i'm on nightshift i usually waken up and need the loo in the afternoon, so i test then. Then on days i take the monitor to work. If i have breakfast and use the loo before i leave at 7ish, then come first break i need the loo. Plus i don't get a chance to drink anything after i leave the house. So the monitor goes to work. I've only been using it a month and didn't expect anything, but i did get highs and the two day peak. So the monitor obviously got enough of the hormones to read. So i suppose even if you set it for morning. You could always do your test when you get in from nightshift, if you can restrict your fluids a bit and not go to the loo for, the last coupld of hours of your shift. I hope this helps, and works for you. good luck
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