Im new and a little naive!

I have been coming on here for 3 months but this is my first post because I was scared it would make it seem all the more real!.
I came off the pill in September after 8 years and we decided to just be relaxed and if it happened it happened, and have only had one AF since then, I naively thought that we would get pregnant straight away and now Im getting depressed and its onle been 3 months! I am now an day 41 of a cycle, I have no idea whan I ovulated, none at all!

This is kindof a pointless post, but it feels good to get it down on paper as it were, almost makes me feel slightly less deranged!!

Sorry for the rambling x:roll:


  • Hi booba
    Welcome to the madhouse that is TTCimage
    Everybody feels like you mainly because in school they scare you sooooo much by saying if you ever do it wthout protection, you will be pg immediately LOL
    I have only been off the pill since mid August and we were also only going to see what hubby just wants me to get pg now cos he hates seeing me upset everytime AF arrives image
    Hope that your cycles become regular soon...or if you are lucky stop for a long while image
  • Thank you, I ahve just read loads of posts on here and its made me feel so much better! Everyone seems so nice, and I feel supported already! I hope you get your bfp soon (hope thats right not quite up to the abbreviations just yet!)
    Good luck to you and Hubby xxx
  • Hi there,

    You're very similar to me - I came off the pill in Sept but I had been on the pill slightly longer for 12 years. I had one period after 5 weeks and now on 56 days... in all honesty I didn't even think coming off the pill and getting usual cycles would be any issue - how naive am I! Now it's seriously frustrating, would just like that "chance" every month, now I just want a period. As written, so ironic over years of being paraniod over getting preggers!!

    Anyway just wanted to say hello and to let you know you're not the only one!

    A x
  • i came off the pill, i had a 50 day cycle... and a 28 day cycle now am on CD13 with wierd cramping pains, and a little more CM than before... i honestly thought i would never know what OV would feel like.

    you will get to know what your body feels like, what signs are AF, OV and then will be able to spot any unusual AF sign when you'rre about to get your BFP...

    i get NO symptoms at all with AF... slight cramping once the bleeding has actually started, so i am glad i have been through the cycles as i will now be able to look out for things that aren't right! sure i won't be saying that in 5 months if i'm still not PG!

    welcome to the wonderful world of TTC!
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