whats the latest....

hey ladies,

First month off the pill so my bodies a bit messed up anyway.
Whats the latest u girlies OV?
Im now on CD 16 and pretty sure i have not Ov'd yet as had no EWCM, or can u ov and not get this?
im new to all this so not sure.

Brought some SD Ov tests today and did one when i got home and was neg.

kel xx


  • hiya, i ahve ov'd cd20 b4, ended up being 2 days later than normal, so i think i usually ov around cd 17ish, so not too odd, i reckon u should get ur ewcm soon, altho i did read that sometimes u do get ewcm and u do ov, but the ewcm doesnt actually come out lol, sorry if tmi. it stays inside sometimes? keep bd'ing anyways just in case image lol xxx
  • hi kel im kel aswell!!! he he well i come of mine in two days i am sooo exited!! but i have heard it can take a while for you to start ov again! think you can tak something for it to make you more regular! i been reading up on it so i have an idea what to expect when i finish pill!!! keep testing though as you may have a longer cycle than most so could ov at any time as you prob wont be sure how long your cycles are yet! the pill can mess alot up i heard so not sure after i have another weather ill go back on ill see how mine pans out when i finish IN TWO DAYS!!! can you tell im exited??!!
  • Hi hun x It depends how long your cycles are. I wouldnt bother with the opks until you know how long your cycles are and then start from the beginning. For example if you have a 28 day cycle then start using the opks from cd 11. If you have a much longer cycle then you might not ov until day 20. It sucks but sometimes is just a waiting game! Good luck x
  • Well i've ov'd on cd29 this cycle! I don't think there is a latest tbh. You just need to look out for the signs ie. cramps, ewcm etc. Hopefully your cycles will be regular!

    Good luck
  • Thanks so much ladies,
    Hate all waiting - something im gonna have to get use to! lol

    Bd'ing alot so fingers crossed if i do ov and i dont realise i am then some will get up there ready! lol.

    ellie's mummy, so excited for u, the best feeling in the world taking ur last pill image

    Ive already decided im not going back on it inbetween babies.

    baby dust to all.

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