Does anyone else actually WANT AF to come along now?!

Hi girls,

I'm fairly new to all this, but am started to get a bit frustrated so wanted to have a rant! I took my last pill 17/12/09. Got my WB, but have had a big fat zilch snice then. I'm now on CD36, and I actually want AF to come now just so I can see I'm normal. I've done a few tests and they're all BFN's.

Any words of comfort?!


  • Me, me, me, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I just want my period so I can veg out and then start afresh next month.
  • How long have you been waiting for the witch Pozzee_Pod?
  • I am three days late, which I realise is not much, but I have had several 'false' starts to my period over the last seven days. I just want to get on with it now. Not the same situation as you but I can assure you that I am just annoyed at the uncertainty.
    Boooooo to the witch!!
  • Trust me, I know all about waiting for AF to turn up!!!! I came off the pill in September and have had ONE period since then!! That was 42 days after my withdrawal's now been over 100 days!! I know that I ovulated nearly 2 weeks a go now because I was doing OPKs every day (how dedicated am I to keep that up for that many days, hehe!!) and nearly had a heart attack when I got two positives in a row! So now I'm in my very first 2ww and if AF does show up (although I'd much rather have a BFP!) then I really really hope it isn't another 100+ days until the next one! Have had blood tests etc and am now waiting for my ultrasound scan in a couple of weeks to check all's ok. The dr wasn't surprised though and said it's perfectly normal to go that long without AF after being on the pill. I understand your frustration!!!
  • HappyMrsS. I have my fingers crossed for you. Over 100 days - I's be out of my mind!!!! I am sure frustration is an understatement.
  • My AF came 7 days late today. Quite relieved it came as I was worried why I kept getting BFNs but no AF! At least I know what I'm working to now! Roll on more BD. xxx
  • HappyMrsS let us know how you get on. 100 days is crazy, fingers crossed you caught it though a couple of weeks ago. I havn't got into ovulation sticks yet, but I may well do if she doesn't turn up soon.
  • Hi All

    I am the same as HappyMrsS - I stopped pill beg of sept and had first AF on friday! It was approx 130 days!!!! I hope the next one is not that long but hopeflly not!! I am taking Agnus Cactus to help regulate periods
  • i'm also waiting for af and wish she wld hurry up, once she's here we can start our first month ttc, btu she's two weeks late and got a bfn today, so hoping she'll show asap. xx
  • Catherine 133, can you tell me a bit more about agnus castus. How do you take it? Is there a specific point in the cycle when you're not supposed to take it? I'm not going to take any yet, but may consider it if I go into the 100 day stage!
  • I am another one, came off the pill in October, waited 54 days for first AF and now I am on CD 59 and no sign of anything!! I have never been so frustrated in my entire life, and feel like my body is broken!

    With regard to agnus castus, you are supposed to take it up to the point where you ovulate I think?!
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