how early after ov did you start getting symptoms the title says just wondering how early you did and then went on to get a bfp?


  • i am not sure about symptoms but I know people have had BFP's 4 days early!
  • I had mild shooting pains at 5dpo and a tender nipple! It was our first month of trying so my friends and family thought it was in my head, but 10 days later I got my BFP! I also had AF type cramps a couple of days before AF was due. I tested with a First Response and it came up the day before I was due on. Hope that helps and good luck xx
  • i had a shooting pain in my boob at 9dpo and got bfp 11dpo so 3 days early
  • I had no symptoms to speak of but got BFP at 10dpo.

  • hiya - dont know when i ovulated but i had mild queasyness, and shooting pains in stomach on cd25-26. Positive test on cd27. x
  • Hiya,
    In my first pregnancy which i mc at 6 weeks, i felt tired, the sorest boobs ever, slight cramps in lower abdomen and a lot more cm that normal. All of these symptoms were present around 4-5 days before af was due.
    This month i have all of the same symptoms plus i feel so sick, so fingers crossed.
    Still have 6 days until testing time image

  • i think SB got them very early - will await her reply. when i got my bfp in april, looking back at my chart , i started getting symptoms (sore bbs, metallic taste) around 7dpo.

    good luck xx

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