to scared to test??

is any1 else feeling scared to test?? im not sure what is worse, seeing af or seeing bfn on test. i am 8dpo when is the earlist i can test??

i just dont no how i will cope with another month of ttc wasted. how does every1 else feel when the poas time is getting closer??


  • hi hun, I have searched for this answer and everyone says wait at least 2 weeks or until you miss your period, last thing we would need is to get a faint line and then AF appearing. especially with our case history aye??

    please keep holding on.. I know its hard, its only another few days away, your testing on 7th aye??

  • hold off as long as poss hun, test if af is late? good luck xxxx
  • af is due 5th hun, so will be testing then, but if i can wait longer than that i will be xxx
    have had to wait this long as it is, a few more days wont kill me in sure!! (i hope) lol xx
  • if my mc was on the 30th may would my period be due roughly week beginning the 5th July? midwife says up to 6 weeks after MC.. im not sure if that means week beginning 5th or week beginning the 12th..

    I know for certain my last ovulation day was 19th/20th June.. think im going to wait until 17-18dpo and test. so scared that I will get a BFN and then I might aswell expect my AF image

  • Me, me me! lol I was going to test on 5th also, but I am getting really impatient. I have 2 SD tests in my bathroom cabinet! But I have a feeling we haven't done it this month. No symptoms, feel bit like I did last month.

    Think try and hold off if you can. I will try my hardest as I think getting a BFN is way worst then actually knowing AF is on the way!
    Good luck with whatever you decide!
    Buckets of baby dust! xxx
  • Hiya,

    I think you and I could do with a personality swap! lol I am too keen to test only to disappoint mysellf and I could use some of your restraint.

    Have you tested yet??
  • I don't mean to worry you but women often do not ovulate the cycle after a miscarriage as hormones are all over the place. So don't be too down if you don't get your BFP this month.

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