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Pregnant or Not???? UPDATED


I am only 1 day late for my aunt flo but for some reason thought it would be a great idea to test. So went to chemist and only tests the had were called Reveal, now i had never heard of them but being inpatient i decided to try them.

Anyway i have just done a test and the positive line is there, it is really faint compared to the line saying test worked but there is a faint line there.

Now with it being so faint dont know if to get excited or not???

What do you think???

A very excited and hopeful Kelly xxxx

Well i have just been to another chemist and brought a first response test and its negative :\(

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  • Hi Hun,

    I just wanted to say I used this brand of test with my dd who is now 2 of course very much pregnant! I was also one day late for af and the line was faint.

    Get yourself a CBD to confirm but I would say congratulations are in order!image

  • Hi Kelly!!

    Well as a few people on here have said before, I don't think the tests generally give a false positive, only false negatives. So, on that assumption I would say that you may well be pregnant and have a bit of a shy bean!!! I would test again tomorrow morning if possible as the hormones are stronger in the first toilet trip of the day!!

    Good luck!!! Keep us posted with how it goes...x.
  • That sounds very promising!
    Am sure you did it hun.

  • oh, just read your update, sorry to hear that
    ...but FR is not the most sensitive so you might just have a shy bean. Try again tomorrow morning hun!
    And are not out until AF shows


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  • sounds promising to me image congrats xx
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