Constant nausea coming off the pill. Normal?

Hi everyone, quick question for any ladies just come off the pill- have any of you experienced nausea all day and mostly everyday? Came off the pill a month ago and for the last week I have been feeling really sick and have very sore nipples. I know this is normal but is it normal to feel sick so much? My fianc???? and I have had unprotected sex a couple of weeks ago but to be honest I don't think I would be lucky enough to be pregnant- took a test this morning and it was negative. I am due to have my first real period on the 3rd. Just hope I am pregnant or could this nausea be a symptom of coming off the pill? thanks for any replies! My twin sister came off the pill and never had nausea so bad. X


  • Hey charlotte I never had nausea coming off the pill. I would think you were pregnant as you have been sick but as you have said you have taken a pregnancy test and it was no. You may have a shy bean?? I would wait until af is supposed to arrive and if it doesnt then do another test and see what happens xx
  • I have been the same the last 2 months I have been off the pill. Seems to be worse the week before af should come, Hopefully it settles down soon.
  • I am keeping my fingers crossed that you are pg.
    But it might just be because you stopped pill...I felt the same the first two months before af was due. I was so sure that I was pg but BFN
  • hi,

    i have had constant nausea for the last 3 years... doctors took a year to discover that i was intolerant to EVERYTHING ...well pretty much, ( the list was really long ) i could only have very very special foods and fruit!! :'( - lost a STONE in 3 WEEKS!!! it was really bad but i eat normal now and still have it... it never went away even with three different anti-nausea tablets a day.

    fingers crossed that you are pregnant, and im sending baby dust your way,
    if not then maybe you should check what you're eating in case you have an intolerance to something.

    hope you feel better soon

    Mrs T xox
  • hiya! i had nausea on and off for the first month off the pill and nausea a little this month on and off too. First month i had every pg symptom going. especially sore nipples and tender boobs though this has not happened this month
  • Hiya,

    I too am souffering from feeling sick during the day - I stopped taking Cerazette in Sept 09 after about 8 years on it. Also have the sore boobies and nipples and feel exhausted. I think it's just the body re-adjusting itself after such a long time of being on the pill as I've taken a pregnancy test and it was a BFN ;-(

    Good luck everyone, x
  • If you just came off the pill a month ago then you won't really know for sure how long your cycle is now. I used to be regular 28 days before going on the pill and I decided to come off it and start trying immediately like you. I tested at 28 days and got a BFN. Then started spotting a couple days later and assumed it was my period. But it was so light and I was always really heavy so I assumed that was my body readjusting... Then I decided to test again a week after the first test because my "period" was just so odd and I got my BFP!

    You may just need to give it some time like I did. Or your symptoms may be due to coming off the pill. Time will tell... But I only had one symptom and that was really tender nipples. And I had a drink the night before I retested (because I trusted the first BFN) and I got really quite tipsy on one glass of wine... that experience was a big factor in deciding to test again. I didn't have nausea before testing but then I didn't have it at all during my pregnancy.

    You never know, I got lucky first month, so could you! Good luck!
  • Hi Charlotte, I've been off the pill since May and I had a lot of nausea to begin with and still having slightly irregular cycles and bizarre symptoms, last month I was sure I was pregnant but it all turned out to be my body playing tricks on me! At one point I lost my appetite completely and was nearly throwing up every time anyone ate anything at work! I think the pill is to blame, it really messes up our systems - grr!
    I hope you prove me wrong and get a BFP though! xx
  • Hi again,

    Thank you all so much for your replies! I am happy to hear I am not the only one with this stupid nausea but obviously not happy we all have to put up with these annoying symptoms!! My nipples have NEVER been this sore! Even before the pill!

    XX MRS TXX- Thank you for sharing your story, I always thought that could be a reason for my nausea, maybe if it continues for a while I should go and see my Dr maybe.

    Soniamc, That's great news you got your bfp, congrats! I hope I get lucky like you!! It's all I think about!!

    Sorry to those who got BFN image makes you feel like you're the only one doesn't it? You get so excited and wish and wish and when its negative you want to cry! Can't imagine now excited I would be when it will be a positive! I would prob faint!! LOL

    Thank you again for your support, luck and the baby dust! I hope I do get BFP, fingers crossed! hehe BADY DUST TO ALL (((HUGS))) xxx
  • Thanks Amanda, I take my folic acid in the morning after breakfast (i've been taking Sanatogen mother to be...) I wonder if this could be the reason for it? But then again it must be coming off the pill. My body is in shock!

    OMG I have noticed my mood has changed... anyone else had the same thing? I was sooooooooo snappy and EVIL on the pill (yasmin) and my Fiance said to me yesterday, 'Charlotte, you've not been snappy for the last few weeks!'

    I feel me again! Anyone else been on Yasmin? X
  • Hi again charlotte, I really hope it is a bfp for you, so mahhoossive good luck.
    I just want to add to my above post that. I was on yasmin for 10yrs, before this i never had boob pain or nipple soreness at all before and during the pill. until first month off it. I am at the end of the second month off the pill and this time only one evening of sore nipples and nothing else. I am due on af tomorow and no sore boobs just like before the pill.... so what i am saying is if it is a bfn image for you it may be better next month. also i had more nausea this month tho!!! my body is feeling very messed up!!
  • Thanks Caza82- its strange isn't it having sore nipples! Glad to hear it got better on your 2nd month. What I am dreading is getting acne as quite a few women have reported getting after coming off the pill! I hope not as that was one of the reasons I went on the pill as a teenager!! Eeek!

    I have been craving roast potatoes though... very weird... I just really want some!! lol

  • Hi Charlotte,

    Just to add to my last post - I got my BFP over 2 years ago! The scan picture on my avatar is of my now 17 month old son. Never got round to changing it! Actually I love seeing the scan picture again so it's staying!

    Are you planning to wait to test again or are you going to try again soon? I'm a big fan of waiting (although I can hardly comment from personal experience of course). I've seen so many lovely ladies on here getting so hurt by BFNs or worse getting a chemical pregnancy. I've got everything crossed for you!

    Wish I could start ttc again but we need to wait a bit longer - stupid recession getting in the way of our plans!
  • Hi soniamc, I am planning on testing again, I feel so sick this morning and my sense of smell is amazing, bad for me though as I can smell horrible smells which makes the nausea worse image I was meant to come on my 1st af today, but no sign yet... I have been getting cramping though... it feels like I am coming on. But it comes and goes.

    Shame you can't ttc yet image I know this recession is horrible! I have given up waiting now! I am not a very patient person... if my af doesn't show its face in the next 3 days I will def test again! X
  • i really have everything crossed for u, i was also worried about acne too from the reports i have read but mines not so bad really... I have a very bumpy chin which is almost like blocked pores more than anything (apparently spotty chin is hormonal) and the odd one on my forehead. they are only little ones tho. before i never had many spots but if i did i would have one massive one!!! the other odd thing which i am unsure about is i have a sensitive scalp!! its very sore to touch and i have a few odd hair line spots!!! strange i tell u... xxx
  • Hey caza, thank you image yeah I heard that spots on the chin are hormonal... I wake up every morning and look in the mirror to see image so paranoid! I have also been having awful stitch like pains on the right side near my pelvis and it's really uncomfortable image never had it before and was wondering if anyone has experienced this before their af? I almost threw up today too when eating dinner as my fiance's brother had terrible breath lol I know it's silly! Lol I just wanted to get up and leave! Don't know if I can take it anymore hehe x
  • The sensitive scalp does sound weird image that must be very horrible! Do you get headaches? I haven't been getting so many bad ones since coming off the pill... Touch wood x
  • no headaches so much really, i quite often have headaches though as i dont drink enough water!
    gross at the bad breath!! i am a nurse and i smelt a nasty body odour smell today and felt sick for an hour! not like me, im used to smells at work!! lol
  • Hi,
    I've felt sick lots after coming off the pill. Last week I couldn't cook anything or even look at certain foods and the slightest smell of food cooking whilst I was out shopping made me run out of the shop. I'd totally convinced myself I was in for a BFP but no such luck. The pill has really screwed my body up at the moment but I suppose I did the job when I needed it to. In the meantime I'm just waiting patiently for my AF and testing...lots! xx
  • Caza- Oh no that must have been awful lol I wanted to train to be a peadiatric nurse but starting training in a pharmacy instead! Still get smelly people in though! Do you like your job?

    Thanks hope09- I keep convincing myself I must be pregnant image trying not to test again but I want to just in case I am lucky!! I'm not really a lucky person image hope you get your bfp soon x
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