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still waiting for my peak!!

hey all. just got back from lovely weekend away, CD15 and still no peak on cbfm, strange as last month i think i had ten highs on monitor and so far already had 8 this cycle. thought they were suppose to reduce on the cbfm after first cycle!!!!
never mind i guess im in for a little longer cycle again! hows everyone else???

***Babydust to All***


  • Aw you still not got a smiley? bless you, well i hope you get your little smiley soon.
    Hope you had a nice time away.

    I got 2 pos on OPKS this weekend on sat and sun and its fainter today so i take it that today im actually ovulating coz ive been reading all over the internet that once you get your pos on your OPK,the egg is released 12-48 hours later.
    Me and hubby are gonna have 1 more night of BDing and thats it and see how it goes.

    You keep checking that cbfm :\)


    [Modified by: MrsPinkPlayboy on March 15, 2010 06:15 PM]

  • Me too! i'm on cd 15 and just got 1st high! last month only had 2 highs before my peaks. Everyother month (this month included) i get peaks cd 16 and 17 and the other month it's cd 19 and 20 so hopefully tomorrows the day!x
  • well CD16 and 9th day of high reading on monitor, should i really be getting this many highs on 2nd cycle of use?? just want me peak!!! keep the PMA MrsPinkPlayboy, i will get mine back just as soon as i get me positive!!
    keep us updated mafia princess xx

    ****Sending you lots of Bubydust***
  • I'm still waiting for my smiley..on CD14, hoping I'll get it tomorrow or thurs! xo
  • good luck im waiting too.
    x x x
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