1st July testers...

we all ready??
i'm so excited lol,

Jem27, raviolig, Poppygirl, LauraDud, Babybump4, Lucille

what you got girls???


(olff to bed now, but will check in morning lol)



  • okay, took a 25miu strip, and got a faint line image

    fingers crossed it gets darker over the next few days image

  • Yeah!
    Congratulations Issy22!
    A line is a line as they say - enjoy!!
  • Hurrah Issy! You're an example to us all and we'll all try to be following.

    (not due to test until 14th so will be hoping for a BFP then too)
  • testing after 7th if af doesnt come b4 so im not ready yet, bus issy well done image xxx
  • Congratulationsimage im due to test on monday fingers crossed good luck to everyone testing in julyimage
  • Congratulations Issy! Have a fab h&h pg xx

    I chickened out of testing today as I dont think we have done it. :roll: I am going to wait another week and test if no af.


  • Hi Issy, congratulations!!!! I also got a BFP yesterday, I posted it in the general bit and forgot to add it to the July testing gang!! Looks like well be due around the same time! xx
  • congrats issy!!
  • Well, I was due to test today, but af turned up uninvited on Saturday, but then by Saturday evening she'd gone, and i haven't seen her since (which isn't normal for me).

    Not sure what's happening there...
  • hmm that's strange poppygirl, have you tested anyway??

    there's always a chance??? at least then you'd know, very strange to have a AF visit for an afternoon, she normally stays for a whole bloomin week, and usually unannouced lol.

  • I reckon I'm gonna test if she stays away for another couple of days. You're right though, she's usually here for at least 4 days xx
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