Help!! Just used a first response test and

have 2 lines but one is dark pink and the other very very faint - what does this mean? xx


  • i would say it means your pg though I have never used those ones before?? I would use a CBD maybe you could get one of those image

  • Sounds positive!!!
    They say if its a faint line, its still positive!
    Perhaps leave it another day and take a CBD?

    P.S. Congrats!!!

  • Sounds like your pregnant!!!!! A faint line no mater how faint means pregnant. But I would do another test to confirm with a CB digital. Let us know imagexxxxxx
  • Do a clearblue digital to put your mind a rest - i did 7 normal tests and still did not think i was pregnant so i did a Clearblue digital. Trust me - it puts your mind at rest x

    Congratulaions x
  • I wish it was a really clear line so I could feel more positive about it. I feel really excited but I don't want to get my hopes up. I phoned the helpline and described it to them and they said it was def positive but to test again in 48 hrs first thing in the morning.

    Thanks for all your support girls, I will keep you updated.

  • Lol, love that u phoned the help line!!! *lilac wonders how many calls they get from desperate ttcers*

    Its sounds like a pos to me honey!!! Congratualtions have a fab 9 months!!
  • I know, I sounded so desperate on the phone! I was asking a million questions! Looked on google and it does say that a few people have had that and then not been pregnant so until I get a slightly darker line I am going to try and stay realistic! Hard tho!! xx
  • i've got my fingers crossed for u honey! xxxxxx
  • Thanks Lilac. xx
  • This happened to me. I had such a faint line I could only see it if i held it a certain way. I had a cbd in my drawer and when i posted on here my intention was to wait a couple of days as wasnt sure what to make if it. I was shaking. The girls on here persuaded me to go and do the cbd straight away so i did and guess said PREGNANT!!!!!!
    This was at 14/15dpo.
    I think you need to go out and buy a CBD quick quick quick.
    Sounds to me like you have a new addition!!!!xxxx
  • Aw I really hope I am, it feels so surreal and the uncertainty was certainly not how imagined it all to be. I will do a test first thing tomorrow and report back. Keep your fingers crossed. xx
  • Sounds like you've done it!! Make sure you report back first thing in the morning! How exciting!!!
  • Oh my god AnsyM, it sounds like you did it! Congratulations hun, well done. xx
  • Still so nervous, sitting here at work wishing I was at home. Running to the loo still every five mins to check nothing has arrived..... Eek. Thanks girls. xx
  • Awww, poor you being stuck be at work on a lovely day like this! Your test deffinately sounded positive to me, are you gonna do another one tomorrow? xx
  • sounds good AnsyM!!! Let us know how you get on with a cbd!!!
  • I think you should go to the shop on route home from work and get a cbd and do it as soon as you get home!!hehehe.
    Naughty me for encouraging such a thing!!!!!xxx
  • Hee, hee that is funny. I think I might though.... I still have another first response in my bag but woman at helpline (I am a nutter) told me that the hormone in your urine doubles every 48hrs and I had also drank about a litre or water before testing (hadn't been planning on doing a test) so I reckon tomorrow may be the best time. Watch me buy clear blue and test when I get home. I will keep you updated. xxx
  • The thing with the cbd is that it spells it out for you. Those line ones can always confuse people a little.
    Let us know as soon as you know, how exciting!!!xx
  • Do the clearblue digital one NOW!!!!!!

    No pressure!! LOL!!

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