Does anyone know if its ok to use a lubricant when BD'ing or will it damage the sperm or conditions of the cervix etc?



  • Preseed has been specially formulated to not harm the sperm, but( tmi warning)its very slippery, especially with a syringe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    I got mine from accessdiagnostics on web. If you put preseed into google it comes up with info and suppliers. Good luck!!xx
  • oh thanks for that. I will have a look xx
  • Just ordered mine today from Felt inspired by hjanea's experience!!! :lol:
    Last week I got a zita west 'getting pregnant' book. It was soooo helpful, Talks about different types of lubricant etc in there. (among lots of other things!!) I would recommend it, it's very helpful.
    How are you doing babymonkey75?
  • Oh im fine thanks DT. How are you doing?
    I might invest in the book if nothing happens this month.
    Ive got a brill doctor on the case now. I wish I could shove him in my bag and take him home lol xxx
  • I'm on 2ww, month 9. Not much more to say than that really!
    Glad you have got a good dr on the case - they seem hard to find!! Can you send him to this forum please!!! Fingers crossed for you and lots of sticky babydustxxx
  • oh im sorry, he is all mine lol. Reading some of the posts on here it seems they are hard to come by.
    Right im off to my parents for a chinese meal "yummy"
  • got my bfp on my 2nd month using preseed.

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