welcome back MrsTIL...

Hi All,

Just wanted to publicly welcome back the very lovely MrsTIL to our little gathering and say it's great to have you back hun - we've missed you!!!

Fergy xxxx


  • here here fergy.lol.xxx
  • Yes, missed you x x
  • Aw girls!! Thank you! I'm feeling the love! hehe!
    I am glad to be back, ive really needed it, i think all the bottling up has done me no good at all so i'm back! Wooo!
  • *Gives MrsTIL a big massive hug and a sloppy kiss*

    *Then puts harness on her so she can't leave us again!*

    Missed you mrs!!!

  • LOL Pinky! What you like haha!
    Ive missed you all too! LOADS! And i wont be going anywhere even when i get my BFP! But then of course all you girls will be getting them with me! xxxxx
  • She's back!!! I almost posted the other day wondering where you were lady!! Hope you're ok hon!

    Lucy xx
  • Hey Broodypants!! image
    Nice to see you hun! Am i right in thinking congrats are in order? How far along are you and congrats so pleased for you!!! xxxxx
  • It's good to have you back babe, was starting to wonder if all was ok!

    Yes you are right, and thank you image I'm 9+2 today, going for another early scan tomorrow to see little bean again... can't wait but am also a bit nervous!

  • WOW 9+2??!! Have i been away so long! I'm so pleased huni! Please keep us updated on your scan! How are your symptoms? xxx
  • Thank you so much hon! We are very lucky it happened so quickly... and I guess you must have been away longer than you realised!

    Symptoms are ok, been a bit nauseous the last week or two... have headaches on and off but not so bad I have to take anything, I was exhausted but now I seem to have insomnia! The hormones are great fun! Sometimes I feel so angry, having to work hard to still be a nice wife to my hubby!

    I think overall I'm one of the luckier ones, I have been pretty ok really.

    Will try and remember to let you know how scan goes! I can usually be found hanging around in due in July at the moment if you want to check.

    Anyway, enough about me!! How are you hon? Is everything ok? xxxx
  • Yeah i'm good huni. Glad to be back and to such a lovely welcome! image

    Your such a lovely girl i'm sure your going to be a fantastic mum! You certainly are one of the luckier ones with the symptoms with my last pregnancy (the mc) i had such bad morning sickness, it was horrendous! I'm hoping i'm lucky next time when i get my BFP although i would quite happily take that sickness to get my BFP haha!

    I will deffo check in on due in july to see how your getting on! Wooo! xxxxx
  • welcome back MrsTIL * waving* :lol:

    gems x
  • Aaah that's such a lovely thing to say thank you! You're going to set my hormones off image

    I am glad you're good babe, hope Mr Til is as wonderful as ever too image

  • Thank you gems! Fingers crossed your getting your BFP soon! xxxx
  • hehe we posted at the same time broody!!
    Yep mr til is wonderful! If it wasnt for him i wouldnt be able to cope with this ttc rollercoaster haha! xxxx
  • Hello Stranger, how are you?

    Love Mrs A 14+1 x
  • Mrs A!!! 14+1 OMG!!
    Where have you gone of my facebook by the way? Went to find you and your gone image image Don't know what happened!
    I'm ok huni! I am so so pleased to see you past your first trimester, how are you feeling? It will make me feel more confident when i get my bfp! xxxxx
  • That's very strange, I will have to re-find you and send a friend request! I'm feeling ok, now the nausea has gone, was really bad in weeks 10 & 11! I'm still knackered and have got a bump now, can't believe I'm in Mat clothes already! You will get your BFP soon! Are you still using the CBFM?

    Big Hugs babe xxxxxxx
  • I'm not using the CBFM at the min because i took a few months off so not really done anything bar noting length of cycles lol it's been liberating i was getting too focused i think lol! Was stressing if i wasnt getting up at the right time etc etc!
    Glad your feeling good huni! It's very exciting!
  • So glad to see you back, was thinking I hadn't seen you on here for ages. I've had an ectopic while you've been away but back to ttc in January. Excited but mainly terrified! x x
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