hello everyone... i am new to the board x

hi, have done a few posts but thought i wud introduce meself proper aswell. my name is kate and me and dp have been ttc for nearly a year now.... we got preg in march but had mc at 6 weeks. i have a clearblue fert monitor and have been usin it for several months now. am on cd 25 of a normal 30 day so have started testing but so far no BFP's !!! usually post on askamum.co.uk but lately its doin me head in so thought i would come on here for abit xx

BABY DUST TO ALL !!! image


  • hello and welcome properly!
    sorry to hear about your mc in march. i hope that this is the month for you - let us know how you get on!
    babydust and pma to you as well image xxx
  • whats pma ? not familier with that abrev ?? lol
  • Hi Kate, im a newbie here also im trying to conceive no5 and im currently on cd14 of my first cycle. I used to go on babyworld but i decided to come and join these lovely ladies on here....

    Good luck hun and look forward to getting to know you....fingers crossed for a bfp!

  • positive mental attitude image xxx
  • welcome to the madhouse! i'm a preggie lady who just hangs around on here to give advice, had been ttc for 6 months and in that time had 2 mcs. PMA is positive mental attitude. Sending babydust too
    Filo x
  • Welcome to this great site.
    Not only will you great some great advice but you will have a laugh on here too!
    Lulubell x
  • OMG !! baby numb 5 ! thats amazin..... i think i would just like to get the one for now.... dsnt seem to be happnin tho
  • all of my boys r under 5 but its lots of fun..most the time!! lol!!
    Dnt worry tho hun fingers crossed it will hapen sooner than later for you
  • Welcome and good luck xx Sorry to hear about MC
  • hi and sorry to hear of your mc i had one last march, we are ttc our 4th, very good on here they give such good advice and really cheer you up when you are down! xx good luck and lots of pma and sticky babydust xxxxxx
  • Welcome to the site. Hope you hang around! Sorry to hear about your mc. Hope you get your bfp soon. xx
  • hi and welcome. im fairly new here too but its a very friendly place...and addictive..you have been warned
  • thanks ladies... u all seem lovely. think i will defo hang around xx
  • Hiya, we're also ttc our first, good luck, I'm sure you won't have long to wait now,

    Caroline xxx
  • i hope not caroline cos its drivin me nuts !!
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