My Christmas BFP... with symptoms!

I tested this morning... at the ungodly hour of 7 am (haven't been able to sleep since) and got our BFP!

Hubby is a bit "Oh My GOD! about the whole thing,... he is happy but a bit scraed too i think... as am i!

For the last few days i have had sore boobies - not all the time but if i squeeze them, lean on them etc!
I have been really thirsty all the time.
I have needed to pee a lot - especially after i have had a drink as above!
For the last 2 days i have had acid indegestion if i go too long without eating.
on Sunday and yesterday i had cramping pains like AF pains... i don't get cramps normally with AF!

Of course now i instantly feel sick, and have a headache, that i didn't have before i tested!

I am a mega supersticious person and yesterday on the way home i saw a car with the 3 letters of the number plate BFP... i almost laughed out loud... but didn't - kept it to myself for fear of breaking the good luck it would obv bring me!!!

here's hoping for a sticky bean!
baby dust xxxx


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