Preseed, Preseed, PRESEED!!

Hi ladies!!

I've been a bit of a lurker for a while and have been too scared to post much for the fear of jinxing anything.

However I got my BFP today and tested on a Superdrug cheapie. There is undoubtedly a strong line in the testing window and I decided to test after waiting for 18 high temps (couldn't bring myself to test at 14dpo for fear of seeing a BFN).

Anyways, enough about me waffling on . . .Please buy preseed!! I also used my CBFM for my second month running and on my peak (never got highs) started BD'ing and used Preseed. I am convinced this is what has achieved the BFP. Hubster and I have been ttc for 8 months.

Babydust and PMA to all x x x


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