Cramp cramp cramp

I am bored at work and have had cramps for the last few days and it's driving me mad!!! It comes and goes and feels like a burning feeling image

How many of you girls normally get cramps before AF i never use to at all before i went on the pill and never did on the pill either so this is all new to me.

K xx


  • It's crazy I have never had it before and it's driving me mad. I still have white cm thats like lotion so I am not sure if AF is coming yet? Knowing my luck i will have that for about two weeks ha ha ha

    K xx
  • I have had really bad cramps on and off for the past few days as well and just before lunch time today I suddenly felt really sick but it went off after about half an hour. My mood is so up and down as well it's ridiculous! Are we still testing together tomorrow K? x
  • It's rubbish eh I just wish it would go away. i am not sure if you read but i tested in the evening on 11DPO and it was a BFN. I am now not sure if i should tomorrow as that would be CD28 and as this is my first natural period after the pill I wont be due on , on the 28th?? Though i have no idea when is best to test. Don;t want to face that BFN again?

    k xxx
  • ive always had bad cramps for about 4-5 days before af is due on or off the pill but no cramps so far
  • You poor women man i had it good and did not even know it. these cramps are nasty they go down my leg mainly to tops of my legs and it;s not nice!!!

  • I know exactly what you mean, i've been using contraception for so long I can't remember what my real periods where like so I don't even really know when I should be due on arrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!! I keep feeling like i'm going to start but then I don't, it's so frustrating!! x
  • i am just the same part of me wants to be preg sooo much and then when i think deep down that I am not I just want AF to come so a I know my body is working and getting back to normal and b because then we can start trying again.

    It's a horrid place to be stuck when you have no clue. I was going to try and wait till maybe the weekend like sunday morning and test then? what do you think that will be CD 30 or do you think I should wait longer?

  • Yeah definately test on Sunday, surely it should show up by then. I know what you mean you just think if i'm not pregnant hurry up and get here so you can get on with the next cycle and get yourself in the right frame of mind x
  • i so want to be pregnant my 2 friends got pg the first they tried and they didnt even check ov or anything deep down i dont think that i am think my body is playing tricks on me plus my nan passed away 2wks ago and i wasnt aloud to the funeral with the baby so had to stay at home so think my af will be late and thats why i dont have cramps so far sorry for goin on a bit finding it hard today aint heard off my mam 2 c how every 1 is doing sorry again
  • Oh i'm so sorry to hear about your Nan Becky but you don't have to apologise, this is the perfect place to get that sort of thing out. It's awful when your feeling down and nothing seems to cheer you up, just hang in there hon, we're all here for you x
  • thanks jenny_bunny just keep hoping ill have some good news for every1 cause they do say as 1 life ends another begins oh wont be home till 7pm im hoping he will sort my daughter out for bed so i can have 5 to myself
  • I'm sure he will honey and i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending you loads of baby dust x
  • I think my af is due around 31st. I dont have any cramps just really sore boobs and lower back ache.
    Lost all PMA and getting really down. Oh well. Looks like it will be another month. I wish my OH would understand how I feel and that stuff like this doesnt just happen over night. He has been sooooo snappy with me, im now wondering if its the right time to have a baby anyway!
  • Becky I am sooo sorry to hear about your Nan. two months ago I had a death in my family and I was heart broken and it made me miss a af. I thought I was preg while on the pill it was actually the worrying i might be that has got us to start trying. I will keep everything crossed for you.

    hey babymoneky you don't know it's over till a visit from the witch!! I have lower back pain as well though my nips have been sore ever since I think i ov and today they are not sore anymore though the sides of my boobs are very sore again??

    It's mad how much your body plays tricks on.

    k xx
  • yeah the sides of mine are sore and under my arm pit too. I have a really big vein on my right boob that goes down to my nipple. That hurts.
  • Oh my god I do as well, I have two large blue veins on my right boob. They do not hurt though.

    K xx
  • Do you think the blue veins are because I have only just come off the pill or that i am due on?

  • These are good signs girls- I hope you both get your bfps!!xx
  • Do you think so?? I have read on line that some women get blue veins in the boobs coming up to AF??

    My boobs have never felt as sore as they are though i touch them and they like burn and then hurt for a little while after as well.

    I just can't get that BFN out of my head though there is just no way I feel in any way Preg you know.

    k xx
  • Well, ive not been on the pill for nearly 2 yrs so I know its not due to that. AF is due in a few days so it could be down to that but ive not noticed the veins to be quite this prominent and they have never hurt like this one does now. My nipple is really sore and I find myself holding my boob so no one knocks it lol (I like a good feel really hee hee)
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