Smear Tests

Can they bring on AF???

Just scared incase this is why i had recent af (hadn't had one in 2 yrs since stopping pill) keeping fingers & toes crossed they return next month (but keeping everything else crossed for a BFP first obviously) image


  • Smear tests may cause spotting but cannot bring on period!

    See link...

    Sounds to me that you had a proper af! Hurrah!! Now you just wait for the BFP!!! Sending you lots of babydust xxx
  • Hi tiny T.- i had an mc on the 1st of may. i stopped bleeding/spotting from this on the 22 nd may. i had a smear on the 28th (which was painful!!) and had some medium bleeding which gradually tapered off until 1st june - thought it was going to stop then suddenly i have my period. i am pretty sure it is not a smear test bleed as it is too much and too far away. it may be a coincidence (my cycle is usually 28 days and smear happened to be 28 days after mc). i did read a post o a diff website about a lady who had a smear which she said brought her period forward a week. sorry - no real answers here, just rambling. HOPE YOU GET THAT BFP
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