Anyone else on CD24? (Now CD32?)

Just wondered if I have any cycle buddies?

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  • im on cd 24 hunni. how r u? xx
  • Hi kels124, Oooo how exciting! How do you think you've got on? I'm really not sure what date I should expect AF as last month I didn't really take note of CD. Im presuming I'm on a 28 day cycle but could be wrong, so we'll have to see.

    Not sure if I'm just imagining it but last night when I got into bed I did feel slightly queasy and again today. It really plays tricks on your mind this ttc malarky as I'm not sure it's just all in my head though!

    If we don't crack it this month I'm thinking of buying a cbfm.

    How are you feeling?
  • hey

    Well this is only month one for us, and first month off pill.
    been doing OPK's and only just ov so been bding to make sure image

    ive been feeling proper sicky - but after doing OPK's now realise i didnt ov when i originaly thought so that was coming off pill symptoms - defo all plays on ur mind though, esp as id already done one 2ww for nothing! ha ha and now i gotta do it again.

    not putting any pressure on us though with it bein month one image

    ive also been looking at cbfm - before we started ttc i said id be dead chilled out about it all, but ive cracked and now its all i think about! ha ha

    what month of ttc are u on?

  • Hi, this is our 2nd month of ttc as we got married at end of may. Didn't happen on honeymoon (although now I have more of an idea how difficult it is for the little spermies i realise it could take a while.)
    My friend said she'll give me her cbfm so will defo try that next month if we're not lucky enough this time.

    I thought I'd also be chilled about ttc but it's all I think about!

    I'm 34 next month and DH is 39 so I hope it's not too long!

    Whats the difference between the opk's and the cbfm?

  • We also got married end of may image
    didnt come off the pill till after honeymoon though as i didnt want my cycles messing up and a/f arriving lol.
    yeah my friend also has one so if she catches before me, she said i can use hers image
    think the diff is that the cbfm is more accurate as it charts your whole cycle.

    lets hope u get ur bfp soon then hun.

  • Yes you too x
  • Hi,

    I am on CD 27 today. Will be testing on saturday. Really hope we have done it this month. I had a MMC in January. Good luck.
  • awh sorry to hear about ur mmc ellie. fingers crossed for u hunni xxx
  • Oh ellie so sorry to hear that, Hope it's a bfp for you this month x
  • So today is CD 29, Any update for you lovely ladies?? I've promised myself I'm actually going to wait until AF is about a week late until I test as I really can't stand seeing BFN.
    I have been having AF type cramps but until she shows her face I'm not going to give up. Oh I really hope we've done it x

    Thinking about it,I really don't think I'll be able to wait that long & I will probably end up buying a test! He He Oh dear so indecisive!
  • hey hunni,
    how r u? im now cd29 image Ov on cd 22 so in for a long one! 2ww's r horrid!
  • Hi, Well I've not idea when I ov if I ov?? I just think my cycles are normally 28/29 days so every time I go the loo I'm expecting to see her but she aint showing so fingers crossed x
    Blimey ov on day 22? If I ov as late as you then we've got no chance as we haven't BD since cd19 as DH has been working funny shifts!
    I've even banned his from cycling to work as we need to keep him cool down below! He He x

    Good luck to you hun x
  • I'm on CD29 too! My AF is due tomorrow ish as my cycles usually average 29 days. The last one was 29, the one before was 32, the one before 26 and before that 29, 28 and 30 so they are never very each to predict.

    We got married on June 26th (CD6) and had unprotected sex that night and then all through our honeymoon.

    I have slight breast tenderness which I don't usually get and I have been feeling sick. I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence though. I might test at the weekend if AF doesn't show up. I feel scared of the result either way though!

  • try not to worry too much mooker if u had of ov late his little fellers can live for a good few days inside u image fc hunni.

    Broodymare - lets hope A/F stays away image btw congrats on ur wedding xx
  • Hi,
    Oh Kels - I hope they are little strong fellas - still no sign of AF today. Wuhoooo! I haven't had any AF pains today at all. My DH has even got into the habit of asking me if Aunt Flo is here yet! He he bless him.

    Broodymare - Congrats on your wedding. Hope you had a lovely honeymoon. Let's hope its a honeymoon bubba for you x

    Keep me updated x
  • awh bless him image dont u just love how excited they get? image
    i still have 7 days till my A/F is due.

  • I know it's so cute, every time we finished BD'ing he rubs my tummy and says bake the cake, bake the cake! I just hope we've done enough baking this month! He He!

    CD31 still no AF....Pleeeeeeease stay away! We were babysitting for my friends 7 month old last night, we couldn't stop going upstairs for just one more peek at this bundle of gorgeousness sleeping softly! Ahhh if only!
    Hopefully this 7 days will whizz by for you Kels
  • wooo mooker sounding good for you hun! image im keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
  • Thanks hun although the FR was neg yesterday afternoon. I bought 4 and was sooo tempted to do FMU today but I resisted.
    How are you?
  • i wouldnt be able to resist might be too early to show for you yet?!....
    im good thanks hun...getting ready for this month TTC haha, its all fun n games...not gonna stress this month as moving house relaxed an ideal world before chrimbo would be nice fingers crossed xx.....good luck 4 u babe xx n everyone else!! xx
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