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Ovulation again :D

Hello ladies. I have another question about ovulation. Well for the past 6days iv been doing cheap ov tests of ebay an so far every1 have been negative. Iv just done another 1 and ther is a very faint line which is the 1st one since i have been doing them apart from the very 1st one which was the day after my period so i think it was hormones. Anyway do you think i could be oving? Xx



  • Not sure - could be about to OV? What CD are you? I would dtd anyway haha!! And see what it is like tomorrow.


  • While trying to get pregnant with my son, i used lots of ebay ovulation sticks - and didn't get one positive! Was clearly ovulating though!



  • Lol i think im going to. Im CD12 but i have irregular periods so not sure when im supposed to ov. Ill upload the pc i took an show u. Well iv just ordered some clearblue ones off ebay tigerlily13 an now im starting to think it was pointless lol.

    Sorry its a bit blurry so not sure if you will see it. I did clear as day to me lol. Xx





  • Hello just to let you all no iv just done another test and its came up the same as the other 1 so thinking of dtd tonight like you said snugglenush. Xx

  • Oh yes I would Jacki - I am not sure how the lines work with OV sticks as in whether they need to be darker or whatever. I only ever used 1 OPK and got a dark line, got pg that month lol so didn't need the multipack I had bought.


  • If you've got a faint line keep testing daily til you get a dark line, I worked out I didn't ov til about cd 17 and sure enough af arrives 14 days later. It means the LH surge is rising therefore making the egg release from the ovary.

    good luck xx 

  • I was looking at these eBay strips earlier. Do you think they are helpful overall or just add to the stress? I'm not sure whether to order them or just see how I get on and then if nothing is happening ordering them. But....i am quite impatient so don't know if they might speed the process on a bit? xx 

  • Well at the min both lines are quite light so im not sure if its meant to be like that or not image. Well hopefully i will be oving soon. Iv never tested before carioke so its all new to me.

    Lucky you snugglenush lol. I hope im like that. No way so you brought them for nothing lol its sods law i say.

    Herewegoagain well to be honest there good cuz i no when i should OV but im getting fed up of waiting lol there making me get even more impatiant. Xx

  • Personally they just stressed me out. It was the month I stopped using them that I conceived! xxx
  • same as you tigerlily, testing for ov stressed me out so just went by cm change and hoped we bd when we should. still trying though 9 months later!!!image

  • The test line on thoses should be as dark or darker than the control to class as a positive so keep testing for the next few days. I never once got a positive on those ones but do on the clear blue digital ones - much easier!
  • Well iv ordered some clear blue ones but im just hopring its not to late by7 the time they get here. Im going to test again in a bit so hopefully it will be a positive image well fingers crossed anyway. We will all get there soon hopefully. Xx

  • Hi there

    After reading this thread I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is getting with the whole ovulating thing! I've been TTC for 6mths now and for the first few months we adopted a relaxed approach and just made sure we made the most of my fertile window but with no joy I started using the cheap and cheerful strips from wilko but like you it was so unclear and was giving me a headache trying to decide whether one line was equal or darker than the next Lol so I've gone for clear blue whilst pricey they are sooooo much easier to read. What with pregnacare,conceive plus and ovulation and pregnancy tests we are going to be bankrupt before a baby has even been conceived!
  • I was using ebay cheapies this month and had at least 4/5 days of a lighter line then it finally got darker just as dark as the control line x

  • Ooh that's interesting think I must be impatient and only had 5 sticks it was on the 5th day I got a faint 2nd line so perhaps if I had carried on it would have got darker! Never mind try again this month!
  • Hello yes its quite confusing isnt it. This is the first time iv been using ov tests so it was doing my head in too not knowing wether im oving or not. Anyway as you have said be patiant you will get your lines image. Well yesterday was the first time i had a very light line which made me get excited for nothing lol. Anyway girls what do you all think of this test i done today. Xx



  • Hmm i'm no expert but if it was my test I'd say best you make the most of the next 24-48hrs hee hee!

    Big handful of baby dust coming at ya!
  • Ahh thankyou. I thought i would ask you ladies first just incase. Looks like im going to be busy tonight lol. Im so excited image. Xx

  • Id say that was positive image get b'ding x x


  • i'd agree with wantingbaby! get busy missy! x

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