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Hi ladies- anyone else care to join me in the March 2ww?

AF is due on the 19th  xx



  • My af is due around the 28th based on my last cycle so quite a while after yours but I will be agonising for two weeks xxx
  • @onemorepls Its such a horrid time! The hoping, and waiting, and waiting some more!

    I had my LH surge on sunday so Bd'd sunday and yesterday- my hubby has a really bad back so cant ask him to BD tonight too- I REALLY hope we get our BFP this month! I'm sure the timings were right this month!

    How long have you bene trying for?


  • Me! Af due on 17th. Didn't use opks this month. Just bd'd lots!

    Best of luck ladies image

  • Officially this is only our first month. Had the coil out early feb and bought a clear blue fertility monitor. I'm on cd 7 today and testing daily. Hoping my cycles go back to normal quickly. When we were trying for our second we were only trying for two months and our first was a surprise so we've always been very lucky.

    It'll seem weeks after you when I know either way.

    Seeding you both lots and lots of luck xx
  • im on cd13 today crossing fingers march mybe is our month

  • Goodluck everyone! x

  • Hi Ladies my af should be here by 26th of last month I'm late still waiting hoping for a little peanut ,good luck ladies x

  • Have you tested mrsmb? X
  • I'm due af on 20th, although my last af came 3 days early so I'm not sure if this one will, so will put me at due on 17th. I have tested using opk but havent had a smiley face and my LH surge yet at day 14 even though I got it at day 13 last cycle and I have had ov pains on my right side for last 2 days and ewcm (sorry tmi). Im just wondering if anyone else has had months where they havent had a smiley face yet got a period? Is it normal to have some months where you dont ovulate but get af?? x

  • Hi onemorepis no i didnt test yet x
  • Ooh so you could actually be pregnant? Xxx
  • im 4 days late i was 5 days late last month so im not getting my hopes up, a week ago i had a dream i was sitting with a psychic she told me i was pregnant and having a boy!! it played on my mind for days so i brought a reading and will get it saturday, also today i was driving and there was 4 magpies sitting on the edge of the road together :/ odd xx

  • Hi ladies,

    I promised myself this month I wouldn't ss but so am!!! I am cd 26 but ov'd late on day 19 so think I am going to have a 32 day cycle this month. So am 7 dpo and earlier when I wiped I had (warning TMI) snotty clumpy cm. Not like the normal lotiony cm I would get now. Trying so hard not to get my hopes up!

    Have you tested yet MRS MB?

    Babydust all round girls

    SB x

  • Im waiting untill i'm 2 weeks late wich means in 4 days im scared to get another bfn such a bad feeling i had before when i had my hopes high it feels like its ruined so i rather wait and see the progress , baby dust to you all xx
  • Morning ladies- So im CD21 of a 28 day cycle today- no symptoms as such to speak of but then i guess its still too soon?

    What do you think? xx

  • hai ladies im on CD17 today 33 day cycle im suppose to be ovaluating today but still no sign of it i tested on day 14 it was negetive and on day 15 negetive first i was excited i thought im ovalutaing then later when i google they told me tht even if the line is faint you not ovaluating the lines must be strong or test line stronger than control line ey im still learning so im gonna test later today to check if the line is not stronger its my first time using ovaluation sticks im going to but more nxt month. any BFP crossing fingers for everyone


  • Good luck everyone.

  • God i hate the waiting!!! x

  • im only on cd 5!! i have a feeling this month is going to be a long one xxx

  • hallow everyone im on cd21 today i did ovaluation test this morning and the test is stronger and the test line is stronger tha control line i thought its over i didnt ovaluate im gonna dust.

    howz everyone doing any bfp so far

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