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Can tesco digital pregnancy test give a false posotive



  • Sorry to hear that Teena those tests are sh**!! First response all the way and clear blue for a day or two after AF is missed!! Good luck for a BFP next time:) 

    i think people need to inform Tescos really

  • Thank u , it's ok AF has shown again this month too but I'm not gonna let it knock me back , I did call tesco s and complain they offered me 4 more test s for free I declined I'm gonna stick to first response and not digital s I think xxxx

  • Hi! I am so glad I found this thread! Me and hubby have been trying for a baby and I randomly took a pregnancy a couple of weeks after my period, instead of waiting for a missed period and I was so surprised it came up as pregnant - it was a tesco digital! Well I've done tonnes of tests and all are negative! I'm going out of my mind. I have got a test that looks like positive but chances are it was probably just evaporation lines 😞😞😞 I can't believe others have had this issue with tesco tests! 

  • Have u tried the superdrug early test. They have a lower threshold for hcg so can give u a result 4 days before ur missed period. I did two 5 and 3 days before af and had 2 very clear positives. Good luck x

  • Hiya thanks for replying. funnily enough the test that I think was evaporation lines was a super drug early test...


    I done another one this afternoon but was negative 😞 I'm 2 weeks from my last period and I have been having erratic cycles since having the coil out :( what do u think I should do? Just wait to come on? Xx

  • It's difficult coz u could still be really early. There's def a line. Did it show up in the 3mins coz I think from what I've read that evap lines appear after. Did u buy the double pack? If you did I'd wait a week and redo coz should def see a marked difference in that line. When did u could come out? Mine came out about two months + ago had some crazy bleeding for a while then a shorter than mormal period on the 5th October and got my first positive on the 30th October and my af is due Wednesday X

  • Sorry just noticed u did a second test. Try to hold before u test again coz two weeks after period u may have only just ovulated xx

  • This is true actually, i have only done a couple of ovulation tests this month, maybe I will do one just to see.. I had the coil out in June and since then I have had periods that have been random amounts of days.. Last month was 42 days! congratulations on being pregsy! I think I will wait it out until the 15th.. I can't really bear it though lol that tesco test really got my hopes up xx 

  • Nope not ovulating... X 

  • u may have already ovulated by now  though as even if ur Cycle this month was as long as ur longest ud have passed ur ovulation day by now....I think I had to google to find mine X

  • I know I'm a bit late to this thread but I found it when looking for info on tesco digital pregnancy tests and false positive. I did one yesterday morning as I was due on and it came back positive but after being told I would find it very hard to get pregnancy and IVF would be my best chance I was suspicious about the result. I work in a maternity unit so asked them to do a blood test to check. It was the longest four hours of my life waiting for that to come back. It was negative and I'm not pregnant. After reading on so many people put on about false positives with tesco tests in thinking its time to complain. It's heartbreaking for anyone trying to get pregnant for this to happen to

  • You not late at all.Thanks all just found this thread. I see all the storys of hope above to find that the majority of the tesco tests are incorrect :-(

    . I took the tesco test 2 days ago. Both results came back negative but I'm sure I'm pregnant. I have missed 2 periods . Feeling tired . I will get a different make tomorrow.  

  • Hi everyone, same thing happened me yesterdaY! I woke up in the morning and for some strange reason I done a tesco digital test! It came up positive, I was so happy, I went to chemist to buy a clearblue digital! Came up not preg, got another one same ! Next day got the tesco digital again, both negitive but have the 2 blue lines when I took the test out! Don't know what to think now even tho my period not due for another 11days 😢 Anyone the same ? 

  • Hi! I tried the Tesco one and one line is bit faint!

    Am i preganent?image

  • That is def a positive congrats xxx

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