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Is this a very faint positive?


I've been having severe pregnancy symptoms for 2 months now, also I've missed 2 periods. I've taken about 3 pregnancy tests that came out negative. Last week I had a very faint positive. I didn't believe it so I thought I'd wait a week and take another. i think I have bad eyesight because I see a incredibly faint positive. My sister said she sees it too but its so faint. I have a doctors appointment in a few days to confirm it, but I could use some other eyes to see if this is positive or negative. I just feel really conflicted. 



  • This one is a bit betterimage

  • I can't see a second line hun maybe test again in a few days xx

  • I think I can see it on the bottom picture when I zoom out but very faint although it is pink 

  • I think I can see a faint line get a first response test they are the best x

  • Yea I see it as clear as day. Don't worry some people can't get a positive until 4 months of actual pregnancy so don't what you've said I think it's promising 

  • I can see a  very faint line on 2nd pic but it could be an evap line.  

    As pregnancy progresses your hcg level can rise so high a home test can't pick it up accurately.  You may find a blood test is your best option if home pee tests are inconclusive.  

  • imageCan anyone see a second line ?? 

  • Very faint, not enough to call it a positive at all

  • Is this positive? Done two tests tonight. im overdue and was told yesterday I wasn't ovulating but then these tests came back.


  • I can see a faint line melizzie. Congrats x 

    i hope to see same in 2weeks. Cant wait 🙈

  • I also can see a line congratulations 😊 And fingers crossed for u Cen xx

  • Did a clearblue this morning which confirmed I was 1-2 weeks xx good luck everyone xx

  • image

    Hi ladies, I'm looking for a bit of advice. This is my third month off the pill and so far I've had a 28 day cycle and a 31 day cycle. I am now on cycle day 32 and I have been getting some period like cramps but no sign of period. I had nausea in and off over last 2 days but not been sick also felt really faint twice today with serious hot flush and dizzy spells. I am so tired have had a nap every afternoon after work this week and been asleep on sofa by 9:30 last 2 nights and very gassy (sorry if tmi). I took a test today and got this......I thought I could see a faint line but not sure if it's just my eyes and it's actually a bfn!!. X

  • Yes i can see a line, maybe test again in a few days, I had a very faint line but done more since and nothing! My pregnacy must have stopped before it started :( but good luck x

  • How many dpo are you amyrose234? X

  • Yes I can see the line too! Congratulations you're pregnant. Just wait to test again in a few days but I'm sure you're all excited now :)

    Melizzie I'm also 1-2 weeks when I confirmed on the clear blue :) congratulations!

    Baby dust to all 😘

  • Thanks Sapphy but won't be able to get too excited until i see a strong positive!!! Congrats to you :) would you suggest a digital test over a line test? X

  • I was told Friday I wasn't ovulating at all by the doctor. I was devastated then found out I was pregnant sat night. Didn't believe it until I got the clearblue result. 

    Thanks ladies. Xx good luck to you all xx

  • Well, seeing it's still a weak positive I'd say wait another 3 to 4 das as you don't want to be disappointed. Also depends on how much of the hormone you're giving out too so I'd say just wait a few more days but the clear blue or the first response digital test are better as they say it plain for you xx

  • Hi ladies can anyone see a faint line? I'm driving myself mad lol 


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