Freaking out please hlep me

I had my period on th 3rd march i came off my period on the 6th march since then ive missed my fertility and my ovl this month as ive been bizzy today is my period day and nothink has show up in my pants i had sex with my partner and he came would i be preg or what please help me ??????????? Thanks



  • Depends if it was around ovulation time.  There isn't anyway or knowing, could be a late period.  Try taking a first response early detection pregnancy test

  • Okay this is my secound day with no period x but i will take one thank you amy 

  • It's the only way to know and should show up by now if you are 

  • Im now 4days late on my period will be five both tested came back negtive dont know what to do any more :(

  • Just go with the flow and try not to stress, it will just make it worse. I had a cycle where I completely missed a period and the next one came as though everything was normal.  

    Might be worth making a Doctors appointment in a weeks time to get a blood test to check your hormone levels 

  • Okay thanks x keep you posted

  • My. Period came on at last but didn't last long tho only 3days very odd for me. Dont know what to do

  • Your last one was 3 days aswell? 

  • Yes i was 4days late on o came on the 2nd april funshed on the 5th april not good tho xc now im feeling like crap

  • new update 

    Today i had sex with my partner fristly he enterted in front of me then he asked me to bend over then pulled out he ejaculate near me some went down my legs but im not sure if it was near my opend bit when i wipe my self and i pulled up my leggs could or would come pregnant as im not on my birth control at all I'm due on my period  this. 1st May 

  • I would say unlikely unles it entered your vagina! If you are avoiding pregnancy best he wears a condom:) 

  • Pre-cum can contain sperm.  If you are trying to avoid pregnancy use complete protection

  •  Okay .He was near my pussy tho then i felt some of it runing down my legs tho i haven't change my pants and now im bone dry tho

  • You will probably be ok but not maybe not.  

    Seriously though if you don't want to become pregnant use some form of contraception because it could be a life your taking a chance with

  • This week i have been eating  more then i do  and peeing more i do get hot flush and now and then   I'm due on my period tho 1st May 

    But this week i have not been my self as ive been more sicky more moody and more horney tho x this not me at all i dont know what to do anymore just giving up big time

  • Have you tested again?

  • No not yet hun i dont know when tho

  • Even we are ttc this being the 3rd cycle..even i have started to freak out a bit:( usually i do get symptoms while i ovulate..mostly the one sided cramps..but this time i didnt have those but had lots of CM on the day i was supposed to ovulate.And then by guessing,almost on 11dpo i had pain on my right side of abdomen which lasted for about half n hour..and felt bloated,nauseous for few days..but now its gone..and now i have period like cramps which comes and AF is due on 30th..fingers crossed..hope atleast this one is a success :( please do give me any suggestions if u grls have any

  • Vinu I think your posting on the wrong thread.  

    Amy if you were pregnant from that your last period then it should show up by now.  If it's from this cycle wait until af is due and test then if you need to.  Are you actually trying to conceive?

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