BFN on what I believe to be 14 DPO :(

hi ive only been trying to concieve for about a month but my DH is in the military so we have very small windows. AF was due according to one app on the 5th and another more accurate app on the 8th. I was recently taking tetracycline so my AF was late last month and month I'm not even sure if I actually ovulated but in good faith we tried anyway and didn't only have seX during the predicted fertile window we had it about 3 times a week and things got a little messy around the fertile window but we were able to try almost every other day during. I have logged a late period on the glow app and it has changed my predicted date to tomorrow and changed my fertile window which puts me today at 14DPO cycle day 49 so according to the glow all my period is 6 days late. I took a test on the 5th (I was anxious) then another this morning around 5 am and both were BFN :((( they were the 88 cent Walmart tests I got because I knew I would test early out of anticipation and didn't want to waste money. I had what I think was IB on the 12th it was very very light like just a dot on my toilet paper and stopped completely after like an hour and also yesterday I had post coital bleeding which I never get and i read somewhere it can be caused by more blood flow to the cervix in early pregnancy. I'm getting slight nausea but no vomit my usual heart burn problem is seemingly worse I've not experienced constipation but I have a lot of gas and increased burping and sometimes bowl movements aren't as smooth as they should be (TMI) I'm getting those flutters behind my belly botton and for about a week I've had pinching feelings in my uterus and also a pulling sensation at the bottom of my abdomen also the texture of my hair has becone thick and more oily than usual and I bleached and dyed it (about a week or two ago) and it just stopped falling as much all of the sudden like it barely comes out in the brush. Sometimes Im pathetically hot and sometimes I'm shivering until my bones ache. I had mild cramping for a few days around the 4-7th around 6 DPO also i an noticing painful bruises and I never bruise my breasts aren't very sore but they are mildly and they're very ticklish I'm noticing for a bit I was very emotional I woild cry so easily and I still do a little and that's normal for me even around my period now I seem more impatient with my DH. I've gotten lots of increased mucus in my nose and throat and I woke up with a bit of a sore throat this morning it's gone now. I have noticed quite a bit of cramping in my legs and feet And I had a day wear my fingers were swollen for a bit. So basically what I'm asking is has anyone had a similar experience and gotten a negative and then a positive a few days later. I appreciate you taking the time to read this thanks ladies ! 



  • Wow you stole most words right out of my mouth! I'm going through what you are right now with all the same symptoms. Af is due today and I took a test with fmu but bfn. I usually have really sore breasts ting a week before af but nothing yet (with my last pregnancies sore breasts didn't start until after missed period). I have really mild cramping and had lots of pinching in my lower right abdomen last week. I also had a tiny bit of pink tinge on the toilet paper after doing the deed the other night which has never happened to me. I could go on with my symptoms but you have all the exact same so you know haha. The thing is that I tested on Saturday and got what I thought was a faint positive. Im thinking now it was either an evap or this was a chemical. I just had a mc in April so that would just suck so bad ☹️ Sorry for blabbing on I just know exactly how you feel. Hoping we both are just late implanters and get our bfp together!! Good luck!! Keep me posted 😀

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    This was the test I took on the weekend

  • Omg! It's so good to hear that I'm not alone! It's just so annoying how close PMS and early preganancy symptoms are. i don't know a whole lot about evap lines or how to tell the difference but that almost looks like a faint positive to me too !!! :D I read somewhere that a lady has always counted two weeks and two days from each day her and her DH had sex and tested then and has always gotten accurate results so for me that will be the 16th and I'll probably wait until then. I've read several forums of moms getting BFNs around 14 DPO and then BFPs as late as 17-25 DPO so there is always hope ! You should definitely keep testing. I previously had a miscarriage as well a while back it was an early one so any bit of spotting send me into a small panick. I hope that you get your BFP !! Good luck to you keep me posted as well :)

  • It definitely makes it hard when there is so many similarities. The thing with me is my breasts usually start hurting a week before period up to day of. They don't hurt now just have weird tingling sensation. And my pre af cramps are pretty bad. I just feel different this month and have that gut feeling that I'm preggo. Hoping that feeling is right! How are you feeling?

  • Same my breasts normally hurt before af but now they're ticklish and feel very very heavy like they hurt when I bend over and so does my upper back and normally my pre af cramps last until I see blood this time I had them for a few days and they went away completely and were replaced by pinches and pulls and they weren't very servere at all and still no sign of af other than breaking out but even that is different than normal. I hope your feeling is right too ! :) 

  • Update for this thread I am about 16 DPO today I believe and I got a nosebleed out of nowhere ! It was so funny because I was like "my nose is bleeding.." "My nose is bleeding! :D I've heard that's a sign!" so I'm starting to have more hope that I'm pregnant :)))))) 

  • Ooo it's always exciting when a new symptom arrives. W are you planning on testing again? Your update isn't as good 🙁 Today at work I had some pink discharge when I wiped (sorry tmi) I've had nothing since so not sure if it's the beginning of af or IB. Not feeling to hopeful anymore

  • Well I wouldn't lose hope too soon :) if it was pink it's very possible that it was IB and actually I had a friend who spotted a lot in early pregnancy her baby is 5 months old now and the doctors said that sometimes it just happens. So there's always hope keep testing :))). I'm sooo nervous to test again I might test in the  morning on Friday my DH is supposed to be bringing home some tests after work tomorrow... eek 

  • I still have some hope left. I will have it until I'm full blown bleeding 😜. Good luck with testing on Friday! I really hope you see those 2 lines xx

  • I still haven't tested I'm such a procrastinator idk why I'm so nervous lol 

  • Thank you so much for your support though!! When do you plan on testing again ?

  • I won't be..Af showed up 😞 Good luck! I still want to know how yours turns out so keep me posted. I say just do it! Go pee on that stick girl haha

  • I don't know if I had a really nasty evap or this was a chemical booo 😩

  • Oh no :( I'm so sorry to hear that maybe you just o'd later than you thought. theres always next time <3 

  • I will let you know how mine turns out I think I'm going to make a doctors appointment to find out 

  • Ive never used anything to track O so I think next time I will try something. 

  • Okay sorry it took me so long but I finally took a test and it's still negative :( I guess maybe I'm just stressing myself out and that's why af is still late. I'm 11 days late and still no BFP so I guess matbe i should just accept that I'm not pregnant..I may make a doctors appointment idk.

  • I would go to your doctor and they can give you a blood test. Are you taking any prenatal vitamins in case you are pregnant? 

  • I plan on calling today to schedule an appointment with them I took a test yesterday afternoon and morning and one the morning and all were negative so I really don't think I'm pregnant anymore I am 14 days late now but I've been super stressed with some family stuff lately so I still think maybe stress is what's causing it. Do you plan on tracking o? :)

  • Also when af showed up for you how many days late were you ? Do you know ?

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