Does anyone see the line!?!

hi ladies 

love just done a clear blue pregnancy test and there is a faint like to make the cross, what do you all think, is this postive!? 




  • I've- stupid auto correct***

  • Yes!! Congrats!

  • Yes defo!! Congrats😀

  • I then did two clear blue digital ones and they came up negative that was after i drank two litres of water, my mum said it could of made me urine weaker so will do another one tomorrow morning 

    fingers crossed 

  • They are much less sensitive I believe they only Usualy work day of or day after missed AF:)

    A first response ( pink dye) are much more accurate as only 10miu 

    clear blue are 25-50miu

    Good luck x

  • ohright I didn't even realise that I thought the digital ones were the most accurate as they are the most expensive.

    thankyou X 

  • Are these they better ones? 


  • Yes that's them:) brilliant tests

  • I've done those tests early at 10dpo too and in the afternoon and got a decent result!

    Hope you get a lovely BFP , let us know xxx

  • I will do one in the morning I'm 4 weeks late for me period so hopefully!!

    fingers crossed 

    thankyou lots x 

  • I couldn't help myslef and did one now 

    does anyone see it image

  • Yes I see it:)

    Try again with first morning urine & should be a little darker

    Exciting stuff!! How late are you?

  • Will do, I'm 4 weeks late!! 

    so I've been hoping for a while now!! 

    I will post tomorrow morning with result x 

  • Wow 4 weeks!! So you'll be 8wks already!! Any symptoms? By 8 weeks my boobs had grown and were sore weeing loads and heartburn/nausea!

    If your tests are still very faint visit your GP and get HCG blood test done they are so much more accurate, then a repeat test within 4-5 days. I know some ladies on other threads have taken weeks after missed AF for a positive! I'd be pulling my hair out😖

  • The other week my boobs hurt so much, never felt pain like it! and i have needed a wee a lot been waking up like 4 times a night! Loss of appitite and have felt very bloated at times. But I just kept putting that down to I was due my period as didn't want to get my hopes up. 

    Hopefully now they were all pregnancy symptoms! 

    I so want to be pregnant!!😁😁

    How are you getting along, you trying for a baby?

    thanks X 

  • Yes I have 3 children 13,10 & 5 already ad I'm very lucky:) We decided on a 4th 2 yrs ago but sadly I keep miscarrying:(

    I got to 21 weeks 18 months ago and realised my baby wasn't wriggling as much and sadly by the time I cinvinced my H/V to scan me babies heart had stopped. Was devastating being so far along. I had a baby boy and named him Oliver.

    We didn't give up though as it made me want another even more! I then fell pregnant 3 times last year all ending in earlier miscarriages. Last one in Feb just gone at 12 weeks.

    Strange how I had 3 babies all text book then this! I have a great gynaecologist though and he's doing lots to help me:) I have a fertility appt this afternoon and being given tablets to help boost my egg supply which I'll star next cycle so I'm still hopeful😀

    I'm 39 now as I didn't realise I'd have all these hiccups along the way! 

    I'm very thankful for the 3 I have so I'll try a little longer then probably stop maybe 1 more year so fingers crossed!!!

    Due to ovulate early next week so you never know might have some luck without the tablets yet!!🍀

  • Omg i can't image what you have gone through, i've had one miscarriage around Christmas time but we werent actively trying then. 

    I honestly hope you get your lucky bean so soon!! 

    The best of luck xxx 

  • Thank you :)

    and you x

  • My test did this morning, i think it's slightly more visible and been having some weird tense sharp pains in my lower belly, implantation pains maybe???


  • Hey gina, those tests are definately positive congratulations hun! I don't think you are 8 weeks though, I think if your tests are just starting to get darker now then you probably had a late ovulation. You can try the clear blue digital with the conception indicator, they tell you how many weeks you are from the actual date of conception instead of from last period and are very sensitive. You will get a 1-2, 2-3 etc etc

    whatever result you get add on another 2 weeks to that and that should be how far along you are according to 'doctor speak' e.g if it gives you a 1-2 then you are probably 4 weeks pregnant. Good luck!

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