Cycle day 1 TTC


this is my second cycle ttc after nexplanon and started this thread to post ovulation tests and share info with any other ladies ttc at the moment! 

just bought a basal thermometer and have lots of ovulation sticks so ready to go... Would love to hear from you all xx


  • Hi Hannah I'm cd 1 today too, this will be cycle 6 ttc this time round as I already have 2 boys. Will it be your first time using ovulation tests ? Which brand did you go for. Good luck on your journey and baby dust x

  • Hi emy, I have CB tests as I was given a load by my friend who fell last month :) But will be buying IC sticks when they're gone. I have a daughter already but she wasnt planned so all this charting and everything is super confusing to me at the moment 😂 Cramps are super bad today first real af in 4.5 years xxx

  • Babydust to you too babe ❤️❤️ Xx

  • are they CB digitals ? I use one step cheap dip strips from Amazon then when they start getting strong I back them up with CB digital dual hormone. The idea being that I can make the digital ones last a few cycles. Although that didn't happen last cycle as it was a strange month and I got 2 peaks. I also temp which I find really helpful. It's all confusing to start with but becomes second nature after a few cycles. What cycle day do you plan to start the ovulation tests ? 

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