Can someone please help advise me or maybe tell me there similar experience ASAP

So basically me and my partner have been trying for a baby, i have always had a regular period, it is never late! i am now 2 days late i bought a twin pack of home tests from my local shop after work to find them both negative? im so confused now as my period has never been late! & with us trying i honestly assumed i was, i dont want to tell my family incase im not can someone please let me know if they have ANY knowledge in this kind of thing? maybe a similar experience anything at all any comments are appreciated thank you


  • Any opinions/comments please so desperate to know

  • Some ladies haven't got a positive pregnancy test until 1-2 weeks past missed AF! You might have slow rising HCG 

    Also depends on the amount of HCG in your system and the sensitivity of the tests you used?

    So a First Response test is 12.5miu so would normaly get a good line around missed AF

    Clear Blue are anything from 10miu - 50miu depending on if you buy the early detection test or their digital brands!

    Cheapie tests and supermarket brands are higher sensitivity too

    A lot of ladies show negative on clear blue until a day or 2 after missed AF.

    Also did you use fmu ( first morning urine) this is the most concentrated and would have the higher level of HCG in it to test

    All I can suggest is using a First Response test with first morning urine.

    If negative wait and see if AF turns up late, if not you can get a beta HCG blood test done via your GP which will defo tell you if preggers or not:)

    Hope this helps and wishing you lots of luck x

  • The test was a little cheap one, was a twin pack from tesco, both negative i tested at 6pm tonight, would you suggest giving it a few days to see if my period shows? tomorrow is day 3 of them being late when i do test i will use my first morning pee, is there a possibility im not? really want to know have been trying for 3/4 months now, x

  • I would personally buy a First Response test tomorrow and test Tuesday morning with your first wee. Those tests are very accurate:)

    Ive been 4 days late b4 and wasn't pg. I've had 3 children and all my tests have shown positive before my period was due BUT everyone is different.

    Try a different test and see how you go. There's always a chance that you aren't as stress, illness, diet etc can throw our hormones off course:/

    I hope in your case it's just a slow rise.

    good luck xxx🍀

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