hi, this is my first time on here, me and my partner been ttc for 6 months just over with no luck as of yet I do have pcos too. I'm on the 2 week countdown and on 5dpo I can feel slight twinges nothing major but have a slight what I think is a yeast infection, not had one of these in over 10 years, is this linked to anything or anyone else experienced this as an early sign you have conceived? 


  • I thought I had thrush when I fell in May this year but turned out I was PG. Some ladies have said it's a possible sign.... but it's not a given. I had it at about 8dpo (guessing as wasnt actually trying actively) 

  • I'm sorry I new here too and but what does 8dop mean ?? As I see it the time but can't make head not take xx 

    Thanks x

  • Days past ovulation :) 

  • So update my slight thrush I had has gone by itself I'm now 8dpo and today this morning had a few pin prick size spot of red on the tissue after going to the toilet, could this be implantation? i just so want to know this 2 week wait is so hard 

  • It could be... sounds promisin.... I am only 7dpo and going so slowly

  • It does go so slow good luck to you 

  • So I'm still in my 2ww I'm due on Wednesday but couldn't help myself this morning am I seeing things but is this a positive though it's very faint......image

  • That looks like a positive to me! Congrats! I guess your best bet is to book doctors op.

    i was wondering if you girls could help, im in a reasonably similar situation.

    me and my OH have been TTC for only 4 weeks. I came off my pill mid pack on the 8th oct and had a withdrawal bleed 11th-15th oct. we have been BD about 4/5 times a week since, as not sure on ovulation date as I've been on pill for 4 years until now. I then bled on 26th & 27th oct which was reasonably heavy and red but only last two days? when my usual period lasts 5-6 days. Since Thursday (3rd nov) ive been having a cramping pain in my lower abdomen and a sharp pain in my left side. I've had a dull aching pain in my lower back as well and only yesterday my boobs felt achy but not sore or sensitive to touch. ive also had some aching pains in my bum and my thighs, (weird I know may be completely irrelevant!) the sort of pain which feels as if I've been working out the day before! Which I definitely haven't been lol. I've also been needing to pee about 4-7 times a day for the last week or so. another symptom is that I've been waking up the last week with headaches, and I've been getting about 10 hour sleeps at night and napping most days for a few hours. I did a test this morning and it came back negative, but is it possible that I'm testing too early? is is possible to have symptoms as early as 1/2 weeks? are these ovulation pains? i haven't yet had my AF since coming off the pill, unless you would count 26th/27th as period? im very confused, with lots of questions and impatience!

    TIA xx

  • Thank you, i have called the dr and hopefully will find out tomorrow for sure. Im not sure if you are or not but can give you my experience, me and my partner have been ttc for 6 months I have pcos too, i had been on the pill for about 13 years till deciding to come off I was lucky my periods came back regular every month straight away although they were longer cycles about 32-36 days in the first month of trying I wanted it so bad that I actually got a lot of symptoms but was heartbroken with a negative and this carried on for the next 4 months it was only in the last 2 that I decided to just chill out about it I started using the ovulation kits which really helped as you can see today I'm 2 days before due my period but I have this positive test that I think it is, (I still can't quite believe it) and to be honest this month I have not had many symptoms only slight thrush with lasted about 2 days and dull aches moving from left to right for the last 3 days I did keep getting a stitch like feeling that would come and go and slight headaches but that's all I have had so far. Keeping my fingers crossed for you but I would start tracking your periods and use ovulation kits so you know and are in tune with your body xx

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