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Can anyone help? Is this a faint line


Hi all,

I am 16 dpo today and my period is 2 days late which is slightly unusual for me... i am mostly only on time or 1 day late.

I said i wouldnt test at all during tww and I was pretty certain AF would show up... but still no show! 

So i woke up this morning with 2nd FMU and did a pregnancy test and i got what seems to be a very very faint positive? 

Please can you help me and tell me if you can see it 😭 i still don’t believe it at this point

ty x



  • Hello, 

    I can see a faint line :) how exciting!!!  X

  • Thanks so much for your reply! Xx

    I still dont know what to do, this is the only test ive taken this month... im assuming i should take another one?

  • Hi hun I can definitely see a faint line! x 

  • was wondering if anyone could help me? Have I got line eyes or is it there ? x image

  • Thank you for your help!!

    @Helda123 i can see a very very faint line i think! fx for you!x

    how many dpo are you?

  • I have no clue I stopped tracking last 2 months as been driving me crazy all this TTC stuff, only tested because been having back pain which I never do and really bad acne which only ever had before in November when I had a chemical. Period supposed to be due sometime this week I think. According to my app it was yesterday but app is never right as a always ovulate a day or 2 before or after it says so I really have no idea which is driving me nuts lol 

  • Lilyttc I think I would do another tomorrow and then make a dr app xx

    I can see a line there Helda123 xx

  • @SmithL35, thanks! I will deffo take another tomorrow to make sure... i still feel like my period is about to come though 😩stressing me out lol

    @Helda123 oh no :( maybe wait till tomorrow or the day after and if AF doesnt show take another test? 

  • image

    Hello again all!

    just an update: tested again last night as i couldnt wait till the next day and got a faint line on another PT.

    just tested now on FMU and got a line on the clearblue test ...

    the only worry is... why are they all faint?  

    Is this normal 😟

    please help x

  • Hi hun I once saw this on a post and saved it because thought I’d be helpful. 

    Quite common - it can be that you have low base HCG (nothing to worry about), late implantation and a 72h doubling time rather than 48. Again, nothing to worry about. You won't get a BFP until HCG hits 10 for sensitive tests or 25 for normal tests, with on-the-cusp readings being faint, you'll need a level of more like 15 or 30 for it to show up strongly.

    If you implanted on day 10, had a base HCG level of 1, and a 72h doubling time, it would go like this:

    DPO 10 HCG 1
    DPO 13 HCG 2
    DPO 16 HCG 4
    DPO 19 HCG 8 (Possibly a very faint positive on a very sensitive test)
    DPO 22 HCG 16 (Good positive on a sensitive test, negative on a normal test)
    DPO 25 HCG 32 (Good positive on any test)

    If you're still getting negatives after that point, it's likely that you didn't ovulate when you thought you did, meaning that either AF will be later or you'll have to wait longer for a positive.

    Good luck everyone!

    (Just for comparison) - if you had implanted early, say on 7dpo, have a 48h doubling time and a higher base (non-pregnant) HCG level the progression would look more like this:

    DPO 7 HCG 4
    DPO 9 HCG 8 (Possibly a very faint positive on a very sensitive test)
    DPO 11 HCG 16 (Good positive on a sensitive test, negative on a normal test)
    DPO 13 HCG 32 (Good positive on any test)

    That's why some women get early positives and some have to wait longer. It doesn't mean anything is wrong. It's just variance in the way that a pregnancy develops in the early days.

    I dont know much about why they’re so faint but I hope this helps xxx 

  • Thanks so much for all the help @Helda123

    I took a clearblue digital today and it came back pregnant 1-2 weeks 😭 so i guess i am very pregnant then regardless of the faint lines! 

    Best of luck to you x

  • Omg congratulations !!! So happy for you !! X 

  • I took another one yesterday Don’t know if I’m going crazy or not. Really tempted to do a digital but too scared it’ll come back negative, also still not AF so guess thats good x 

  • Thank you so much!!!!xx

    i know taking a digital is quite scary... but so long as no AF for now is a good sign, fx for you 

    also i see the line on your test!!! How exciting 😊 have you taken anymore??

  • so excited for you have you had any symptoms? Also have you taken anymore tests are they still faint? 

    No ive not taken anymore since yesterday, too scared but no af today still so think just going to wait it out and see for a couple of days. do you really see the line ? See I keep thinking im going crazy just don’t understand why they aren’t getting darker xxx 

  • Thank you haha!

    yes ive been having some symptoms: mild cramps/bloat in my lower stomach, dizziness, very sore and swollen and veiny breasts, im quite tired all day too... and ofc some CM but not as much as I expected to have. 

    I haven’t taken another test since the clearblue digital, i think ill take another one in a week or so just to check 😁

    Yes i agree with you, wait and see and if no AF for the next few days then maybe you can take another one! Yes i can definitely see the line 😍 mine didnt get darker either :( in fact your line is even darker than the lines i had haha 

    fingers crossed for you!!xxx

  • Omg I really want to hear more!! How many DPO are you again hun ? 

    I have some CM too and it’s like creamy white sorry TMI, also I’ve been having mild cramps, back ache which i never have, heartburn today And bad headache today. Also been feeling pretty tired last few days. My periods usually are between 28-32 days cycle and today is 33 so my app is saying I’m officially 1 day late. I put a pad on because I feel like im about to start it’s a weird feeling. Do you really think my tests are darker than yours really ? I really want to take a different test other than one step and take a digital but too scared nothings going to come up. X 

  • Omg your symptoms sound just like mine before i found out!  

    At the moment im about 18 DPO I think... but i have 24 day cycles so im 5 days late for AF now..

    omg... i had to keep putting pads on too bc i kept feeling like i would start my AF... then randomly i woke up on the 3rd day of being late and decided to test as i just felt like i should... and thats when i got my first faint positive... 

    yes i think your test is darker than mine, mine were very very faint.. i would say take another one but maybe its good to atleast wait 1/2 days more? have you been late for AF before? 

  • imageimageimageimageimage

    Can anyone please help wondering what these tests are negative or positive xxx

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