Hoping for a BFP in August 👶🏼- Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Hoping for a BFP in August 👶🏼, as the earlier thread has topped the 1k post limit.

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  • First on new thread. How are you doing today ladies?
  • @Herestohoping and @MadDoda I don’t think taking BBT will work for me as I don’t sleep well and am usually up in the night at least once? Is that right? 

    I think I’ll just have to try OPKs next cycle if I’m out for this one... which I think I might be as feeling moody, tired and have lower backache which is what happened to me last cycle the week before AF arrived ☹️

    Feeling a bit down today as i as I feel frustrated not knowing what’s going on with my body.  I keep pressing my boobs willing then to hurt as that seems to be the common symptom for pg! 🙈
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    @Sunshine8888 theoreticly you need just 2-3h constant sleep to measure bbt. I'm a bad sleeper too, I get up to pee at night since my full term pregnancy. I also have a 11month old. So I can't set up alarm to do bbt I rely on my body natural waking for pee around 5am and measure then. It caries obviously by 30min+/- , but that's still acceptable. So you definitely can do bbt.  I know how you feel, waiting is frustrating and you cant help it but hope for symptoms, so you start looking for them. I catch myself doing that too. I was pregnant 3 times (2mcs) so I know exactly how I feel while pregnant and I still try not to look into it. You can hurt yourself even more that way. And remember some woman experience exactly same symptoms like before af and some don't experience any at all. So chear up, until af arrives you can stay positive!
    Which cd are you on? 
  • @maddoda well my plan is to not test unless my period doesn't come as I once had a chemical so I'm well put off testing early and wouldn't even want to know if I had another chemical as I really got my hopes up and struggled.
    So I think il just wait. I'm due af about 16th to 18th Aug though. Thank you for having a look at my chart it is reassuring when someone else agrees. 

    @Sunshine8888 of you don't sleep well I do agree it is more difficult to rely on your bbt chart. They say as long as you have about 3 hours straight sleep before taking temp and as close to the same time each day but I know that is difficult for some. You could try it anyways as they say even if some days aren't reliable you are likely to see some trends if you do it long term, however that is true it really does take a good few cycles from my experience to see this. And I sleep quite well. Maybe it is not right for you and don't try it if you think it will give you more anxiety as that is the last thing you need right now. 
  • Hi All, hope you dont mind me jumping back in! I'm just wondering when everyone is testing and the ladies who have your BFP's, CONGRATSSSSS!!!! Also how many dpo were when you got the lovely 2 lines? 

    I am currently 16 dpo, BFN yesterday :( x
  • Hi Ladies

    I am jumping in this thread too. Am currently 20CD 7 DPO as per Flo. Resisted using OPKs this month cause it drove me crazy. TTC baby no.1 for 3 months now.
    Where is everyone in their cycles?
  • @MrsL85 hi, im 10dpo testing on Monday if my temp doesn't drop.
  • @MadDoda Ohhh! Good luck, hope you get your BFP on Monday! I have only been TTC for 2 months now. It happened last time with my daughter on the 2nd cycle so i'm like a bit annoyed! I know I should not be after only 2 months!

    I think for next month I'm going to start tracking stuff properly and maybe try some OPK's 
  • @MrsL85 I always recommend some kind of tracking, when we were first trying to get pregnant took us 8months, we didn't use any tracking method. Then I started bbt, I got pregnant immediately, but mc. Next month we bbt again got pregnant again immediately (11minths old Now). Now again first month bbt I got pregnant straight away and mc again. This is my cycle after my before first period also on bbt, fingers crossed.
  • @MadDoda So soory to hear about your miscarriages, IO hope this is your month!

    Can I ask what bbt is? Sorry I'm rubbish with all this! 
  • @MrsL85 basal body temperature. If measure accurately allows you to see if you ovulated after the time and is good for predicting next cycles accurately. Can also show possibility of pregnancy at day of ur period.
  • @MrsL85 you can see temp staying lower before ov and rising after the ov. 
  • @MadDoda OMG i never knew that! Do you track it by just taking your temp each day? 
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    @MrsL85 yes but u need special thermometer with two decimal places. As temp fluctuations are small. It also needs to be taken after at least 2-3h sleep early in the morning always at similar time and It has to be first thing you do without getting up or much movement. And the app you see is the one i use.  Forgot to add you do it orally or vaginally.
  • @MadDoda oh ok wow, this is so interesting! I never knew this, wish it was just as easy as have sex get pregnant lol 
  • @MrsL85 it's easy it just sounds complicated. Well but yeah I wish getting pregnant would be easier. You can google more about it, it's cheaper than opks all the time and if you use app you can also input all sorts of info about mucus or opk etc and it will analize all that and tell you when you ovulated. 
  • @Melissav17 Yes! We can definitely test together. I hope it’s our lucky month!

    @MadDoda My thermometer will be here today 😃 I’m crossing my fingers that your temp stays up!
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