Pink cm Spotting from cd12 - 14 now red

Hi hasn’t anyone ever experienced this ? 
Has really good 29 day regular cycles since coming off the mini pill end of May and regular Lh surges around cd 15 every month. 
This month I had a rise in lh on cd 12 and got light pink cm for 2 days.
Now back to normal and getting dark brown/ red when going to toilet and more red brown after dtd last night.
hoping I’ll still ovulate and nothing is wrong also had some cramps in lower tummy and ache back at the bottom felt like I was coming on. 
Thanks in advance x


  • Which CD are u?
  • They do say you tend you bleed after sex when you’re pregnant.. but don’t let that make you think you are.. give it a few days and take a test x
  • @MadDoda I’m cd 14. 
    Red has stopped now but still getting faint pink or brown colour on tissue 
    @WelshGirrl I had period only 14 days ago so not sure 🤔 thanks tho x
  • Yeah implantation occurs 2 weeks after period n 2 weeks before your next one so I think it’s a sign! Especially if the colour is pink/brown! Xx
  • How much of red blood was it? If it was little it's most likely ovulation spotting, coz of timing.
    I wouldn't worry unless it happens again at unreasonable time. Sometimes spotting can indicate hormonal imbalance, but u would have to spot randomly throughout the cycle. 

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    @WelshGirrl ohhh ok I will have to wait and see lol xx
    @MadDoda wasn’t loads Of red/ brown it was yesterday when I got from work that it had gone brown then after sex was when I got more red and  this morning, then today looks like it’s back to only brown coloured cm on tissue. Wore a painty loner and only a few dots on it.
    just unusual I’ve never bled when not on af and really felt like I was going to come on with cramps and lower back felt really twingy will keep dtd and checking OPK’s thank you for getting back to me xx

  • Hi @Fieldyxx

    did your spotting finally stop? Had the same thing since CD 12 (Now CD 15).
    went to the obgyn and he said preovulatory spotting. but still worried because it is pink/brown.  
  • Yeah implantation occurs 2 weeks after period n 2 weeks before your next one so I think it’s a sign! Especially if the colour is pink/brown! Xx
    @WelshGirrl please explain hun this peaked my interest.....2 weeks after ur period cant be true bc my period is 4 days long that would mean i would implant on CD18 and i dont ov til after that sometimes????? like this cycle my period was CD1-4, ov was CD28.....and u dont implant til 7-12 days after ov???? so if im pregnant i wont implant til CD 35-40??? im confused by ur statement (not trying to be rude just dont understand this)
  • Sorry to confuse you, I literally going off what I’ve been told myself 🙈 You ovulate 2 weeks after your period, and then 6-12 days implantation occurs that’s what I was meant to say, ugh I got it all backwards 😂😩 baby brain🙄🤯  usually the implantation bleeding starts a few days prior to your next period, (mine did) 
  • @ttcrealnewbie hey, the spotting stopped the next day and then 5 days later I got a strong positive opk so looks like it way just maybe pre ov spotting maybe xx
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    oh @WelshGirrl.... idk how true this period is always 4 days n only 1 month i oved 14 days after........ the first month i oved CD20, 2nd CD18, and 3rd CD28.......................n i dont think its implatation bleeding bc if im correct this would only make her 2DPO
  • @Fieldyxx ive heard u can have ovulation bleeding
  • @ttcrealnewbie mind was pink brown and red too. Have you been doing opks? My lh levels started rising after the spotting stopped xx
  • @Fieldyxx

    so your spotting lasted about 4 days-ish?  Yes I have been doing OPKs. I have the clear blue purple , and today is my 3rd day of flashing smiley (high fertility but not Peak fertility yet) So I have been spotting since the day before I got the flashing smiley (total 4 days of spotting including today).  maybe it is pre-ov

    I'm fine with the brown but the red/pink kinda freak me out :(

    kinda scared DTD coz of the spotting..don't want to aggravate whatever's going on down there. 

    Also, I did go to the Gyno the day I spot, and He did transvaginal ultrasound and pelvic exam and he said everything looks ok. That might be why I'm spotting as well? 

    Hope this month is the month for you xx

  • Yes hun 3 or 4 days very unusual for me and was worried too at the time, I only had a little bit of red after we dtd and little bit the next morning and then it cleared up almost straight away. I've heard it normal though so try not to worry.
    I continued to dtd and it was fine, 😊
    Let me know how you get on and thank you I hope this is your month too 💕 xx
  • @Catlady220 obviously every woman is different. I ovulated exactly 2 Weeks after my period, that’s how I caught pregnant, and I wasn’t even trying to conceive, but apps calculated my ov date and it was correct.. I’m 19 weeks pregnant n I ovulated June 18th and period was 4th June which is two weeks.. so idk it’s different for you clesrly x
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    @Catlady220 on average u ovulate 14 days before next af, not 14 days after af, because follicular phase is variable and luteal phase is stable. 14 days is standard but it can be few days less or more. 

    If u are doing opk and u are on flashing smiley,  spotting means u will probably ovulate very soon. Good luck
  • @Fieldyxx

    Ill update here. please do the same :) 

    I agree with @MadDoda . Your luteal phase is stable, so if you havent already,  try to chart and use opk and count your luteal phase in a few cycle.  you will be able to know when your implantation date should be (about 7-12 days after you ovulate in general) . 

  • @ttcrealnewbie she already does, that's why she knows she ov at cd28. 

    Some ladies get 28 days cycle, and in that case that 14 days before next af is 14 days after af and is confusing. But cycles vary and that's why it's 14 days before next af
  • @MadDoda thats what i thought......i was like wait what ???? lol thank u for confirming i was right about the 14 days after AF not being true
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